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    October 2018 Sales Ranking

    CX-5 back to the top in it's segment for October in Australia: October 2018 Sales Ranking: SUV Medium< $60K Rank Vehicle Registrations this month 1 Mazda CX-5 2000 2 Subaru Forester 1792 3 Nissan X-Trail 1644 Source...
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    Mazda Australia announces 5 year warranty

    As of today 1 August, Mazda Australia now offers 5 year unlimited kilometres warranty to all the vehicles purchased from this date. Should give consumers even more reasons to consider Mazda. Perhaps Mazda USA may follow suit...
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    Mazda3 New Digital Driver Display

    Mazda3 Digital Driver Display spied apparently:
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    LED Headlight & Fog light replacements for First-Gen CX-5

    Anyone used Precision LED replacements for their halogen headlight or fog lights? Here's a how-to. Looks pretty simple PnP and good quality. They have customized products for certain vehicles.
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    New Mazda Concepts revealed

    The new Mazda Concepts have been revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon. It features the Mazda Kai which will be the next Mazda 3 and the Mazda Vision concept which could well be the next Mazda 6. Both gorgeous in my eyes.
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    SKYACTIV II with HCCI to debut within weeks

    Mazda to reveal ground-breaking HCCI tech and new design for its next small car within weeks.... For now, the company is targeting another 30 per cent reduction in fuel consumption with the ground-breaking introduction of HCCI next year. This claimed reduction is in addition to the 30 per cent...
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    CX-5 16 vs. 17 Side Profile Black

    Which side profile do you prefer? 16 or 17? Photo credit:- instagram user:ryuzonkun
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    Mazda Sets Out on Cross-Country Road Trip with All-New 2017 Mazda CX-5 Test Drive Exp

    Thought I'd share for North American folks: There are events for you to test drive and learn more about the new CX-5. See link for more details. Mazda Sets Out on Cross-Country Road Trip with All-New 2017 Mazda CX-5 Test Drive Experience − Fifteen-City Ride and Drive Tour to Take New Vehicle...
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    Mazda CX-5 MPS in the pipeline?

    Mazda CX-5 MPS? We're still living in hope... Looks like the Japanese CX-5 program manager is keen!
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    2017 CX-5 Accessories / Bodykits

    Wondering if other countries will get any JDM accessories such as the silver strip along the bottom skirts of the new CX-5. Looks to be quite pricey and apparently Japanese buyers who opted for this accessory had to wait 2-3 weeks longer for their order for it to be installed: Instagram Photo...
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    Is a 7 seat CX-5 needed?

    As reported: Will most likely be in Japan only as they don't get the CX-9. Possible 7 seat CX-5 spied:
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    CX-5 MPS Rendered

    Some of us can only dream!
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    Next Gen CX-5 Rendered Photo

    So this is a Russian rendering of the CX-5 from the spy shots. Credit: Kolesa I think its pretty close to what it would look like under the camouflaged skin. I think the rear may have a chrome strip across the tail lights like the Mazda6 and CX-9.
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    Power liftgate

    Just wondering if anyone had retro-fitted a power liftgate to their CX-5? Stumbled across a Taiwan company who sells / installs them if anyone interested. Website...
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    WTB: Chrome OEM Air-Con Vent Trim

    Hi All, I would like to buy a couple of used OEM Chrome Air-Con Vent Trims. I know quite a few owners here removed them due to the reflection in the side mirror but it doesn't actually bother me. I have some non-OEM ones but want to get the OEM versions. Hopefully they are the same size for my...
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    Next-Gen Mazda design language based on RX-Vision Concept

    According to Mazda Australia managing director Martin Benders, the next-gen of Mazda vehicles will have the design language based on the RX-Vision concept.
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    Throttle Blip on Downshifts?

    I hardly shift gears manually in the Auto but can we say the CX-5 throttle blips on downshift only and not on upshifts? I will probably give it a good test when I get a chance when the wife is not driving it. Just not proficient on the knowledge of throttle blipping as I hardly drove manuals...
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    Mazda CX-5 Wins Wheels TV 2016 POV Award

    2013-2014 Mazda CX-5 wins this year's Wheels TV 2016 Pre-Owned Vehicle award.
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    2016 Factory LED Fog Lights

    2016 Factory LED Fog Lights, how effective are they? They look to be quite small. Was wondering how they compare to factory halogen fogs on the CX-5 in terms of light spread, reach and brightness etc? Has anyone used them in Fog conditions? I would have thought the white light is not as effective.
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    OEM LED Taillight Reverse Globes

    For those with the 2016 OEM LED tailights, does the manual tell you what globes are used for the Reversing lights? I was wondering if the same globes can be used on the non-tech Halogen reverse lights? Thanks.