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    2007 Mazdaspeed3 Sport Black Fully Bolted with Forged Block Chicago IL

    I think those wheels are turning people off
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    Attention All Mazdaspeed3 Owners

    to the original poster just stay out of boost for the most part when running less than premium fuel,install a boost guage to see how much and where the boost start coming in.
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    New Guy

    welcome, and she does look good.
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    fog lights

    do you want them looking yellow all the time or yellow when there on? If all the time then Lamin- X if only when on then yellow bulbs or h.i.d kit 3500k
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    My first D.I.Y

    I believe late 06 and up had the option for auto climate controls
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    2003 iLLmatic Mazda 6 Show Car // Completely done Full Blown // Over 25k invested

    I just love the wide body on this great job!
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    Welcome Fairy

    She kills me , and didn't leave any money under my pillow either.
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    New to the site!

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    Mazda Forums Official Mazda of the Month (April)

    I jaw dropped when I saw your car w/MS6 wheels and the grill. See it didn't cost a lot to put together the car of the month ftw!
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    Calling all Silvers MP5

    Slideshow 240 I just love your p5 vip!
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    Calling all Silvers MP5

    hot damn that's hot!
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    Mazda 3 life expectancy

    Have you posted pic of your rust bucket yet? At least it haven't given you any problems.
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    Set-up for summer

    I like your wheels and your radio.
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    New P5 owner :)

    Welcome man, you should've learned to drive on the Z3. It would've been so easy because the car torque, so coming up the clutch the vehicle would start moving fwd. Oh well you never to old to learn. Nice P5 hope she treat you well.
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    New to the site!

    Sorry bud no white for me I like silver w/m3 wheels look like sex to me.
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    New to the site!

    thank for the dose of love guys haha!
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    New to the site!

    MagnumP5 thanks for your insight on the cars, Mjthorne your welcome man we noobies must cluster together.
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    New to the site!

    thanks for the greeting guys! Sorry to hear about Zippy and your family, but I see everyone is doing well with Jazzy in the garage now.