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    Driver's seat creaking sound

    My driver's seat started creaking (popping) as I lean forward or back in my seat. The sound comes from the right lower side. Like a rivet got loose, or bushing worn out. Anybody had this issue before, or there is a TSB about this? I can't believe how many issues I have with this seat. First...
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    Koni Yellow adjustment and settings

    I have just got a set of these for the CX5 and I need help with the adjustment. These are my first adjustable struts/shocks, so I don't have experience with stuff like this. They seem quite soft out of the box. I'm guessing, they are set to max soft, haven't messed with them yet. Basically, I...
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    Removing ball joint from control arm

    Eventually I will need to replace my ball joint and the tie rod end. The rubber boots are all cracked open. Anybody managed to replace the lower control arm ball joint? I would prefer doing that, since it is much cheaper. I have access to presses, at my workplace.
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    Slotted discs causing clicking sound, when braking

    Last week I have replaced, all my discs and pads. Also painted the calipers, with red paint. I have never had this type of discs before(drilled/slotted), so I didn't think about the orientation of these discs. When I brake, they make a clicking sound as the pads go over the slots. Now, I have...
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    Steering wheel audio controls works sometimes, sometimes not

    As title suggests, I been having issues with my buttons, specifically the volume ones. I have a Kenwood unit, and the PAC steering wheel adapter. I'm trying to narrow it down, to which device/buttons causes the problem. Anybody has issues with the buttons not working? The wiring is done...
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    How many miles, until you had to change your struts?

    Anybody had to replace their struts yet? At what mileage?
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    CXRacing coilovers?!

    Anybody has experience with these...
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    Rear spoilers, are all the same for all CX5s?

    I was looking for some spoiler for my car, to replace the one that I have, with peeling clear coat and I came across this one...
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    California Exhaust Law has changed- for the worst
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    Burnt Clearcoat

    Today, after my car was washed, I have noticed this clear coat burn on my hatch spoiler. It is not even 5 years old. I have only 45k on it. Definitely I won't be getting, or my wife another Mazda. I'm angry now. Too many issues, front driver seat was replaced due to two issues, nosy motor...
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    Chirping sound, when I touch the gas pedal

    Lately, I have noticed some kind of chirping sound, when initially I touch the gas pedal. Does not happen every time, though. Anybody experienced anything like this, or knows about a TSB?
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    Check out these lights
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    2018 Automobile All-Stars: Meet the Contenders
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    Weird sound, need help for ideas

    I have got this sound, coming from the driver side engine compartment, at least that is what I hear. It started a couple of weeks ago and it is getting worse. I can't figure out, what should I look at. I had a small fender bender, like a year ago. The bodyshop, replaced the bumper, driver's side...
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    LA Craigslist fender flare and rear spoiler lip for sale

    I have found these items for sale in Temple City, if anybody is interested:
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    Sound insulation recomendations

    I have purchased a while back, some nice Focal component speakers(the flax one). I'm thinking, that I should do a better installation, then just replacing the speakers. I already have, a Infinity Primus component speaker set already in my car, in all four doors. I was thinking, of putting some...
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    Kenwood splash screen(Mazda Skyactive)

    Added this splash screen to my Kenwood DNN991HD. You can download it, from the bottom: Kenwood splash screen
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    Aftermarket spring vs. coilover ride differences

    I have CS springs on my car right now, I had H&R Sport on my previous car, but I have never had a proper coilover setup. Somebody can explain it to me, what it would be the difference with a proper adjustable setup? It would ride smoother, less bouncy?
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    Speakers impedance

    I have always wanted to know, how many ohms has per channel my setup. Forgot to measure them, when I have replaced my speakers. I have a Polk Audio amp for the door speakers, which can work down to 2 Ohm/channel. My Infinity speakers are 3 Ohm speakers and the 3.5" Polks are 4 Ohm speakers. I...
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    D pillar speakers on non Bose equipped cars?

    I have the Touring trim and I'm thinking about adding some speakers in the D pillar. Is that possible? The wires are there? 3.5" Polk would fit?