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    Mazdaspeed Protge Posters

    Does anyone have any high quality images of the 3 mazdaspeed protg posters? I can't find any online even looking back at
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    New to the CX-5 world but not mazda

    I purchased a soul red cx-5 with roof rack, trunk bumper guard thing and, fog lights with the touring package. Things I wish they offered are power passenger seat (I couldnt tell you the last time I owned a car that only had one power seat), and the ability to watch movies over the touch screen...
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    FS - Protege -CorkSport Front and Rear motor mount inserts, and 3rd link bushing set.

    I have a set of front and rear corksport motor mount inserts and a corksport 3rd link bushing kit. I'll let both go for 80 bucks shipped! Both the inserts or the 3rd link bushing kit have never been installed. Normally these go for 97 bucks plus shipping.
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    firewall cabin water leaks.

    I didn’t see a thread just for this so I figured I would post my findings on this. NOTE: Keep in mind I have a water hose pointed directly in the wiper cowl on full blast... you will never see that much water even with going through a car wash. My first leak was at the harness plug going into...
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    How-to: 2.3: T-stat replacement

    How to replace a thermostat in a 2.3L mazda 6 1. Support the engine with a jack 2. remove the top part of the passenger side motor mount and set it to the side. You dont need to remove the groundign cable but can if you desire. 3. use a Serpentine belt tool on the belt tensioner as shown...
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    ThePope Exhaust manifold

    Edit: Sold to kickerMSP Up for sale is a ThePope custom built exhaust manifold. Stock placement, 02 sensor, vband 38mm EWG. I'm looking to get what I paid for it 475 shipped with insurence, and tracking.. I know the first image is dark but if i need to retake it let me know. Edit: The...
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    Protege Cam thread.

    I don't think we have a cam thread like this so i decided to throw something together real quick. Please feel free to add to this! integral / megacyclecams ***NOTE: megacyclecam can custom grind cams to the integral stage 3 specs from what I understand. Integral cams is...
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    U0100 - 06 Mazda 6i ATX

    Yesterday my girls car threw up CEL U0100 which is ECU losing communications. I have noticed during research that this code is very common with people tinkering with the access port. Now my girls car is 100% stock!!! Its a 04 6i hatch, sport auto, with roughly 111k on it. When the cel came on...
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    P0171 - Bank 1 to lean

    I just went upto the local autozone to read my CEL and it came up P0171 - bank 1 to lean. Now the list of possible issues are large vac leak, bad 02 sensor, dirty defective MAF, or engine mech condition... The MAF and O2 sensor arn't even 2 weeks old literally. My vac at idle is 20/21... So...
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    FS: MSP Shifter, RH center caps, up stream 02

    Everything SOLD!! Mods please close.
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    Don't have sufficient privillages to report spam...?

    How are we to help fight spammers when we can't even report them? I'm serious, I received the below message while trying to report the below post(see link) Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access...
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    Weird issues with the GF's 04 6i

    Warning long winded post ahead.... I've been trying to trouble shoot some weird issues with my girls 6i. First of all no CELs are on the car. The car is a 04 6i atx with that lame ass sport shift crap and has around 100k miles on it. Here lately she has been telling me that her car acts up...
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    Stumble, misfire, no power under load issue.

    Here recently my car has been feeling extra sluggish more so then normal. Well as of lately it started what felt like a misfire every now and then only under load. The car currently has no power what so ever.. literally like no power under load I cant speed up hardly to get around someone now...
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    Select Few Perrin Performance Parts left

    I just got off the phone with Chris at Perrin and they have a few protege crap left. So hurry up while supplies last! 7 blue fuel rails @ $120 (rail only no line) 2 Short Ram Intakes @ 150 Chris @ perrin might make them available off the garage sale section...
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    Looking for a rear deck/cover thing..

    I'm currently looking for that tan rear/deck/cover thing for a 04 6i hatchback. Its the thing that covers the trunk area that opens up with the hatch if its connect to it. Anyone know where I can find one, what it is called and or part number? Also roughly about how much they go for?
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    Wii - Monster Hunter Tri

    Anyone here get this yet? The game is pretty badass! The graphics are pretty damn good to for the wii anyways. Just a few random screen shots i found online.
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    Random Surfing and off the wall threads.

    I was surfing the net earlier looking into what would be a good oil and water cooled turbo for the MSP other then the Garrett T25/28 and I was just thread hoping around across different forums. Anyways to make along story short it went from 247, audizine, subie, supra forums, ebay turbos, honda...
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    What all do I need to run a TPL91-B turbo?

    Anyone here ever run a TPL91-B turbo on their cars yet?(detect)
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    injector boost leak issue?

    I was doing another boost leak on my protg trying to track down my boost issues and intermittent power issues. This time I found out where my leaks where coming from! However I have one small issue.... all four of my injectors are leaking when I set my regulator at 10psi on my compressor for the...
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    Anyone here play Ikariam?

    Anyone here play Ikariam? For those who don't know what it is, its a free web based game. Check it out. Server: Epsilon Island cords: 42:48 City/Town: Lynn