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    Sold my 2014 CX-5

    I finally sold my 2014 CX-5 Touring AWD private-party, after a little over 8 years of using the car. My plan was to sell it in 2020, but I decided to avoid it because of Covid. Except for some initial troubles with the hood shake and side mirror shake, it was mostly trouble free. It had some...
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    Small OE spare on AWD vehicles

    The donut spare tire is significantly smaller in diameter than the regular tire by roughly 3 inches. Especially on AWD vehicles, but also for FWD vehicles when the spare is mounted in the front, there is a significant difference between the spare and the other wheel on the same axle. I always...
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    SkyActiv-X may not reach US shores

    Some reports say Mazda may not bring the SkyActiv-X to the US after all. While the engine is sold in Europe and Japan, it is a more expensive engine and, thus, may not make sense to the power-hungry US consumer, which will not want to pay more for about the same power, only to save on gas...
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    Beware of prepaid maintenance packages

    When we purchased our vehicle in Fremont Mazda, the finance guy offered us prepaid maintenance. My immediate reaction was "NO". But my wife was more receptive, especially after he significantly discounted the cost and hearing promises that it will cover all scheduled maintenance until and...
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    Dave Coleman answers questions about Mazda i-Activ AWD CX-5 Diagonal test: (spoiler: pass, but with much wheel spin).
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    1973 Mazda RX-2 driven by Able Ibarra damaged in Fastest Car Show

    [Spoiler alert!] The Netflix show, Fastest Car, which shows sleeper cars drag racing a super car, featured a Vintage 73 RX2 with a large turbo which was driven by Able Ibarra. Able, which was racing Mazda rotaries years ago, was hit by a Datsun converted to use an electric motor. The Datsun...
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    Maintenance question

    I will soon take my CX-5 for 60K miles maintenance, probably to a (non-dealer) local shop. Looking at my owner's manual, I don't quite understand the following on the recommended maintenance schedule 1: The manual says to <B>inspect</B> the drive belt at 37.5K miles. What about actually...
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    Sticking infotainment Audio button

    Today, when I started driving, I pressed the Audio button on my infotainment (pre refresh infotainment) and noticed that then the touch screen became unresponsive. Looking more carefully, I noticed that the button was simply stuck in. Using a screwdriver I was able to pull it out to the...
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    SkyAvtiv 2 coming in 2019, Diesel still scheduled to arrive to the US
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    INRIX buys OpenCar tries to compete with Android Auto / CarPlay One thing that automakers and most new-car shoppers can agree on is that the roughly five-year development cycle of a new vehicle is unacceptable. That gestation period means, among other things, that...
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    AWD Mazda 6

    This Car & Driver article says the 6 will be available with AWD outside the JDM, in Australia and Europe. Obviously, a wagon + AWD + diesel configuration is available. When can we get it here?
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    Flexible oil change schedule

    At least for 2015 Mazda 3 the manual says I can either have "fixed schedule" of normal (7.5K/6 months) or "severe conditions" schedule of (5K / 4 months). However, if you qualify for normal schedule, you can also choose a 3rd option: "Flexible schedule" where the car will tell you if you need to...
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    MPG hit with new roof rails?

    Does anyone happen to notice if there is any MPG hit with the roof rails installed, with and without the cross bars? How about increased wind noise? How difficult is it to remove/reinstall the cross bars and how difficult is it to remove/reinstall the roof-rails, after the initial installation...
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    JD Powers Initial Quality Study

    This study shows the number of issues a car had in the first 90 days of ownership. The summary table is for all issues per brand, though there is a breakdown elsewhere. I usually did not pay to much attention to IQS because I am more concerned over long term quality. They have a separate 3 year...
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    Is Light-Truck Highway all-season tire a good choice?

    I am planing on replacing the Geolanders (225/65 R17) before winter with something else. While here in Northern California 99% of my driving will be on dry or at most wet roads, I am looking for a bit more safety when going up the mountains. Doing some research I came across the Firestone...
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    How to get credit for the Geolanders?

    My CX-5 AWD is about to (finally!) arrive at the dealership and I was thinking of replacing the 17' tires on it to make it safer and better over snow and ice for ski trips. Since most of my driving will be done on at most wet roads and even on ski trips most of the driving is not over ice/snow...
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    All Weather Mats...Which?

    Most of the time my car is used as a daily driver, with little to no soiling, but I do intend on using it on ski-trips and hiking trips. For the latter, I am considering all-weather mats. I read about Husky and and WeatherTech but was wondering about the OEM mats from Mazda. Which would you...
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    Car & Driver's CX-5 2.5L review

    You may recall C&D awarded the 2L CX-5 first place in a crossover comparison. Now it has reviewed the 2.5L equipped CX-5...
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    What are the OEM tires and are they any good in the snow?

    Real snow tires don't make sense to me but I wanted to check what kind of snow/ice performance do the stock tires get. I could only find the size, not the make and model. Is there a difference, other than size, between Sport/Touring/Grand Touring?
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    C&D ranks CX-5 first on 6-way CUV comparo Honda CR-V is second, Escape third. Observed fuel economy was 26 on the CX-5, 24 on the CR-V. CX-5 was the slowest to 60 but had...