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    my p5 build!

    Just got an 02 protege5 and I thought I would start a build thread on here. Interior- * short shift *black suede roof *everything's clean blacked out Exterior- *hid ice blue *antenna delete, badge delete, windshield washer delete, fog light delete. *rolled fenders *not sure brand on wheels...
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    engine bay clean up!

    I have an 02 mazda protege5 I want to delete some stuff and clean up my engine bay. I want it to look like my engine is floating. I was curious if some people had some pictures of the process? And some advise on relocating stuff thanks!
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    looking for mazda grill?

    Anyone have the mazda grill for sell? Or know where to get one? Thanks
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    cold air intake/header ?

    I have a weapon R intake and header system and have some questions about install. There is a sensor on top of the filter box where do i put that? I believe another one before the box also the maf can I put it anywhere on the intake system or just right before the filter? The header is gonna...
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    keyless entry issues.

    I can't get my 02 p5 into program mode to program key fob to car any thoughts?
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    mazda protege5 alarm not working?

    I read up online to figure out how to program my key fob but it is not entering program mode? When I open up my doors the dome lights dont come on. My fuses are all good . Any help on what it could be thanks !