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    CorkSport, O.Z, Eibach, SPC.. mz3 part-out

    New parts added - mz3 part-out I NOT ON FORUM ANYMORE. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN ANY OF ITEM SEND ME EMAIL TO PETER.K@AOL.COM Car is back to stock. All prices are OBO and without shipping Please see for more Hi-res pictures and...
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    GI: 08 mazda 3 61k miles

    GI: 08 mazda 3 62k miles Car is sold. Mods please delete.
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    mz3 exhaust

    Got. The exhaust. Please delete.
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    Weird noise in rear suspension

    About 5000 miles ago I replaced my spring with Eibach sportline. At the same time I changed rear sway bar for ms3 one and camber arms for spc.. Since then I have that weird noise in rear. Every bump or pothole you can hear that noise like metal is hitting metal. I tought that is coming from rear...
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    WTB lowering springs for 2008 Mazda 3

    Lookin for eibach sportline or tein for mazda 3 hatch. Tell me what you got and how much shipped to 11385. Thanks
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    Ok so I was going to get coilovers and new tires for this season but after too much fun on snow i have to replace rear door and repaint one side of the car. :) so.. i decided to get springs for this season and coilovers next year. My question is which springs should i get? ?i want to go as low...
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    WTB Mazda3 hatchback door

    In need of rear passenger (right ) side door skin ( only outer sheet) If You got whole door in right price I'll take them ( would be great if they're metro mica color). Or if You're working at the dealership and can get me a good price on outer skin only please pm me. Thanks
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    MZ3 convertible

    I don't know if You guys seen it
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    Redlinetuning quicklift

    For sale 2 Gas springs from redline tuning quick lift system ( part # RT-QL-145-8A ) NO HARDWARE INCLUDED. $30 SHIPPED TO CONUS. Uploaded with
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    CORKSPORT 'Power Series' Cold Air Box For The CorkSport SRI System

    I send a question via web site but got no reply. Is CORKSPORT 'Power Series' Cold Air Box For The CorkSport SRI System avalible for first gen mazda 3?
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    Help needed from IL member

    Hi. My name is Peter and I'm from ny, but I got license and registration from IL. I'm looking for some help from You guys. The thing is that my registration expires 05/11 so I'm looking for someone who's willing to help and can get me a sticker and mail it to me. I just don't want to drive 12...
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    Help needed ( again)

    Did anyone can tell by the look if these are for hatch or sedan...
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    Part #

    I need a part number for both left and right 08 mazda 3 hatchback halogen headlight assembly.
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    BC racing or Suspension Techniques ?

    Hi. I'm in the market for coilovers and I need some opinions on both in title. I know that BC's are fully adjustable when st comes pre set. What about quality? I found tht ST's are made by KW ( which I believe are good). Price is the same so I need some help making a decission.
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    '08 mz3 led tail lights

    Hi. Can any one tell me what's the difference between '04-'06 & '08 hatch tail lights? I was thinking about getting one LED tail from ebay but i'm not sure if they gonna fit. Any one know if the '06 lights ( inners & outers) will fit and if it's a pluga and play or any mods are requierd? I was...
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    Radio panel cover

    Hi. I'm looking for a cheap paino black or black radio panel cover ( that part below cd, where two knobs are ). Thanks
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    polk momo 6.5

    Did anybody know's if they will fit 08 mazda3 hatch, crutchfield shows that 6-3/4 speakers will fit in doors. Just need to confirm before buying. Anyone installed 6-3/4 speakers in 08 3 hatch?
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    Quick question :)

    Hi, I bought my used '08 mazda 3 about 2 months ago it comes with sun roof, no bose, no leather. When i register on mazda website it shows RSTR trim. Could any one explain witch trim is that ( sport, touring )?? thank you.
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    5th gear @35mph??

    Is this normal that my 08 mazda 3 with 5speed A/T is shifting to 5th gear at 35mph in city? And I get 16mpg city driving. Not too low? ( I'm new with this car so any help will be appreciate)
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    Hello from NY

    I'm new here so I just want to say Hi :) I just get my 08 ms3 with 33k miles on it. For now I did HID and some tint on windows.. Thinking about tail LED ( any ideas from where get them? ) wondering CAI or SRI, and some other little mods in future.