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    2004~2008 Mom's '07 airbag module

    So....I've been gone quite a while. Sold my '02 Protege5 six years ago. In retrospect, not the smartest thing I've ever done, but that's not why I'm back here today. My mother happens to have a 2007 Mazda3. Been a great reliable car for her since she bought it new (at my suggestion), and that's...
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    Popping the radio fuse

    Nevermind. Found a diagram.
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    Popping the radio fuse

    Got an older aftermarket radio in my P5. Been working fine until last week. Then it just failed to power up. No big deal, I thought since I was ready to upgrade. So I pulled the stereo today. Checked the power leads, both switched and unswitched. The switched one is dead. Check the fuse panel...
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    p5 gas saving questions

    Drive with a broken motor mount! I discovered a torn lower mount on mine which prompted me to go a little easier on the revs and up-shifts until I had a chance to replace it. Low and behold, my in town gas mileage jumped from 25 to 31. I'm getting 400 miles to the tank around town! I just...
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    A source for all those hard to find fasteners

    I've purchased from them several times, for both late model repairs, and some older restoration projects. Good resource.
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    Looking at buying P5, looking for feedback.

    I've had mine since June. After passing over a lot of high mileage examples, I found my 5 spd 2002 in TN with 29K miles on it. I spent some time and money detailing and de-ricing it (ditched the ugly wheels, fart pipe and Altezza tail lights), but now I've got it just the way I want it. I...
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    Solution To Flickering Fan Speed 2 Or 3 A/C PART 2

    Just pulled my switch apart today. I was only getting A/C on 1 and 4. Anyway, the connector had overheated and started to melt. Inside of the switch was really carboned up. This ought to be a safety recall. Cleaned all the contacts, and generously applied dielectric grease to the switch...
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    FS: 17" Wheels and Tires

    I didn't like the look. Graphite wheels on a metallic black car didn't look good to me. Probably look great on a different color car (red, yellow, white, blue). They have a M+S rating on them, so I guess that makes them "all-season".
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    FS: 17" Wheels and Tires

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    MSP Wheels with 215/45/17

    215-40-17 is right on the money for the factory diameter. A 45 series will be 0.9" taller. I just installed some 215 40 17's (cheapo Nankang clearance priced tires from Discount Tire Direct) on MB Mesh X wheels. Ride is a little jiggly at 35 psi. I might drop a few pounds to smooth it out. I...
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    FS: 17" Wheels and Tires

    Reduced: $350 plus shipping
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    FS: 17" Wheels and Tires

    more pictures Some detail pictures. Sorry, no pictures on the car.
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    FS: 17" Wheels and Tires

    Added a pic of all four to make it nice and legal. Tomorrow I'll try to get them out in the sun for some more detailed photos.
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    WTB: Complete set of P5 badges

    Already found a set. Thx
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    FS: 17" Wheels and Tires

    My garage is a wreck right now, so I've barely got room to take a picture. I'll drag all four out into the sun next chance I get. Stay tuned.
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    FS: 17" Wheels and Tires

    Done. Sorry about the newbie miscue.
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    WTB: Complete set of P5 badges

    My car was stripped by the PO. Need them all: grille, tailgate ("M", "Protege5" & "MAZDA") PM or Email: j_bossman AT Thanks