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    2004~2008 Mom's '07 airbag module

    So....I've been gone quite a while. Sold my '02 Protege5 six years ago. In retrospect, not the smartest thing I've ever done, but that's not why I'm back here today. My mother happens to have a 2007 Mazda3. Been a great reliable car for her since she bought it new (at my suggestion), and that's...
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    Popping the radio fuse

    Got an older aftermarket radio in my P5. Been working fine until last week. Then it just failed to power up. No big deal, I thought since I was ready to upgrade. So I pulled the stereo today. Checked the power leads, both switched and unswitched. The switched one is dead. Check the fuse panel...
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    WTB: Complete set of P5 badges

    My car was stripped by the PO. Need them all: grille, tailgate ("M", "Protege5" & "MAZDA") PM or Email: j_bossman AT Thanks
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    FS: 17" Wheels and Tires

    Just bought an 02 P5. Came with these funky wheels and tires on them. Logo is Eee Efficiency. Never heard of them before. Maybe they'll look better on your ride than mine. Anyway, they are 17x7. No curb rash, but the paint is chipped in several spots. Tires are 205 40 17 Ventus HRII. 50%...