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    2017 CX-5 parking brake switch not working

    My parking brake switch got wet - sunroof left open. All was fine, but today it stopped working most of the time, and the EPB malfunction light is on (Mine is yellow and in the tach) and when brake switch works I hear brake engage. I am assuming the switch is water damaged and this is not...
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    Better looking Android Auto coming soon

    Nice article on upgrades coming this summer....
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    Liftgate "left open" beeping -any way to silence?

    I was at Costco and couldn't pass up the close out sale on TVs and I didn't want to make 2 trips. Even though the box for the TV measured like it would just fit between wheel wells or above, the opening of the hatch required the box to be at angle. This prevented me from closing the hatch all...
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    Where are the TSBs?

    I thought there was a sticky thread at top of lounge titled TSBs - did Mazda make it go away?
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    New USA Map update - July 2018 (Mazda Connect)

    I have been checking since August as the last update was Feb, so i figured 6 months would be August/September. Nothing until a few days ago: Surprise it is July 2018. I have not idea why they waited until the end of September to post it on the web site, but the site now says it is available...
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    Moving through radio favorites via knob?

    My wife likes to control my radio stations while I am driving... not worth fighting, so spare me the criticism. Anyway, this can be done from the Favorites tab, but then i don't get to see song and artist info, and I am stuck on the Favorites tab. Normally i keep the display on radio and i use...
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    voice commands with navigation?

    I was trying to get navigation to take me to a restaurant in a nearby town. Anyone have steps on which commands i should use? I was unsuccesful in getting nav to change cities or look up a restaurant. Is it possible to look up "tom's bistro" in "nowhereville" and get navigated to it using...
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    Armrest storage box

    This loooks well thought out. Any try it...
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    How does everyone clean glass?

    I have always used windex and newspaper - perfect for me and easy. Yes, I use windex with ammonia unless it is an aftermarket tint, then i use the non-ammonia windex. I have done it this way for to many years and it always works, but I don't get a news paper and no one else I know I tried...
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    CX-3 adverts everywhere in Israel

    In Israel on business and I saw these ads all over Tel Aviv
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    OEM Interior lighting kit (footwell) KB7W-V7-050

    Has anyone installed this on a 2017-18? Anyone have the PDF instructions? Curious if it works like it is part of the factory lighting system and not some manual switched setup like some other mazda add-ons. Thanks!
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    2017 center console, pad in bottom?

    Cleaning out the center console - the deep bin with lid I noticed two thin pieces of double sided tape on edges of bottom. Is there supposed to be some rubber pad? Or is this just left from some protective plastic?
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    Brake Pedal feel - softer then used to

    The one thing about my '17 CX-5 I have noticed is that my pedal feels a little soft compared to other cars i have driven in the past. I have not tried to panic brake yet, but I do feel like it requires more pedal to stop then other cars. In the reviews i read, it did have a longer stopping...
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    How to tell if map updates are available?

    I know how to update maps in the navigation, but from what i can tell the only way to check for an update is to insert my SD card and run the toolbox app. Does anyone know if there is an easier check to see if the map file has been updated? As i understand it, it only happens every six months...
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    Automatic High beams fail in overcast/rain

    My Automatic high beams work great at night - switch off when ever a car approaches, or I approach a car, and in some other situations that are apparently automatic. But today it is raining and overcast. My auto headlights came on a few times, and with them my high beams - the high beams would...
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    Nav and north up

    I have a 2017 with latest updates, but my nav or my understanding appears off. I want to see my nav map with north always up, like i am viewing a paper map. ths only appears to work when 3d is selected. i expected it when 2d n was selected, but that acts just like 2d. any ideas?
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    2018 vs 2017 Cx-5 pricing

    My wife was looking online and we found something odd. 2018 CX-5 GT White with AWD and Premium package is listed on multiple dealer sites with MSRP of 33,480. The 2017 White, AWD Gt with Premium package is 33,665. I thought the 2018 was going up in price a few hundred $. At first i thought the...