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    2017~2022 Another CX-5 Battery question!

    My second generation CX5 (2017) with istop has completed 3 years and I am getting worried about the life of the original battery. It is charged/topped up now and then using a C-Tek charger and I have recently topped up both the charge and the distill water in the battery. Winters are harsh here...
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    Just drove CX30 here in Sweden

    This was the CX 30, with 2 litre engine (skyactive G and mild hybrid, about 122bhp). Felt quite sporty, almost like driving BMW 3 and 1 serie (or even VW tiguan). But it comes with a penalty of bouncy ride on uneven surface and more road noise and some floor vibration filtering in to the cabin...
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    First time tyre pressure warning light.

    Got the tyre pressure warning light for the first time after owning the car. It came on after changing from summer to winter snow tyres and driving a few kilometers in to the trip (the winter tyres were lying in the garage after use last year and unknown to me the tyre pressures had dropped from...
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    Where to buy mazda AA/CP usb retrofit kit?

    I live in Sweden, Europe and was wondering where I could buy the retrofit kit for AA/CP here in Europe or even in USA. Dont want to get cheated with a kit that does not work. Just got the soft ware updated to 70xxx by the dealer for free. Thanks in advance.
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    Car's original speakers came alive at minus 7 degrees C.

    I have a non Bose six speaker system in my 2017 Mazda CX-5 and have hated that bloaty, base heavy sound, with low treble and with no focus at all BUT to my surprise as the temperature dropped to minus 7 degrees C this morning the speakers suddenly came out alive and I was just blown away. The...
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    Is the 2017 cx5 front windshield glass polarised ?

    I have a problem with reflected light from oncoming cars at night. Never had this problem with the older bmw 320i since the glass on the windshield was polarised. Sorry. Perhaps I should have said antireflex coated instead of polarised glass.
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    Speaker size in CX-5 2017?

    I have a non Bose 6 speaker system in my CX-5 2017 model. It has 2 tweeters on the A pillar, 2 door speakers on the front and 2 door speakers at the back. No sub woofer. I was thinking of changing the two front door and two rear door speakers and perhaps even the two A pillar tweeters in the...
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    AWD in cx5 and the use of wiper.

    I was wondering if the drive on a highway on a rainy day with wipers on constantly would automatically set the AWD in action and there by increase fuel consumption and transmission wear and tear. They do mention that one of the factors that triggers AWD is the use of wipers (others being, road...
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    charging battery in CX-5

    Is it possible to charge the car battery in CX-5 with an intelligent charger like the C-Tek or is that a big no no? With winter approaching I would like to keep the battery well charged. It was ok to do so in BMW in-spite of the battery management system and auto start stop in the car.
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    After market TPMS sensor compatibility?

    Hi, winter is soon here and I am looking for a winter tire set up with TPMS for my 2017 CX-5. I have two choices. to go with. (1) Mazda dealer supplied winter tire (not nordic compound but winter tyre from Nokian) with original aluminium rim and sensors for a hefty price of 1500Euros or (2)...