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    Just hit 56k and may need rear wheel bearings AGAIN?? Will find out on Tuesday

    I had the rear wheel bearings replaced at 12,000 miles and now just hit 56k on our 07 GT. Since it is the wife's car I don't drive it that much anymore, but it seems the rear wheel bearings may be going again. Taking it to the dealer on Tuesday to see what they say. The drivetrain warranty...
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    question on coolant flush on 07 with the FL22 coolant

    We have had our CX9 since new and it now has about 56k on it. I took it in for a brake flush and they told me it was due for a coolant flush as well according to the mfg. I was OK with it since it endures the Arizona summers and since new from time to time I would get a coolant smell when I...
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    2010 OEM Bose 6 disc (non Navi) head unit for sale/Ipod cable OEM

    Don't know if we can post here or not, but pulling the 2010 head unit out of my wife's Mazda. Like new and I also have the Mazda Ipod cable as well. Please let me know if there is interest or if this is against the forum rules for posting.
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    What routine maintenance have you done to your CX9/ties into my 30k/60k interval

    I am still looking into maintenance on my wife's CX9 and was going to follow the manual. I originally was thinking the 60K service like the dealer suggests, but the replies to my earlier post had me re-think that logic. I plan on keeping the car and have had it since new. Currently has 51k on...
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    anyone see this unit on ebay? Surf the internet, play movies, etc I have looked at this a couple times and still don't quite understand all it can do. How would you surf the internet?
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    Looking at Aamco transmission service (fluid change) on 07 CX9 with 50k

    My wife's 07 has 50k and we have never done anything to it for maintenance other than me changing the oil every 5k with synthetic. I think it is time to look at changing the tranny fluid and AAMCO locally is offering as a special $20 to drop the tranny pan, change the gasket, and add up to 5...
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    Question on HID foglight kit before I buy-for 07 CX9 GT

    I was interested in the conversion kit at Those of you who have done this, will this fit the 07? It states it fits 08, but it should be the same as the 07. Also, someone had stated the...
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    Question on thin outside snap plates on brake pads when replacing front brakes?

    I changed my wife's front rotors and brakes last night. If I had the right tools the job would have went much faster. Anyway, I saw in someones write up that they left the thin aluminum plates which were on the OEM pads (fit on outside of pads and facing the caliper on both sides) off on the...
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    looking for radio option to add Pandora, blutooth and Ipod connectivety to replace

    Bose head unit. I only want to change if I can get what I want and still get the wheel controls to work. I ran across this on ebay,, which...
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    Help with choice of front rotors and pads?

    I was leaning towards Power Slot rotors which are slotted and going with OEM pads. I then ran across some rotors on Ebay that are both slotted and cross drilled,
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    Is it difficult to do replace the front pads and rotors on my own?

    I am not a brake guy but work regularly on my cars (oil changes, replace exhausts, etc) and the wife's CX9 is in need of some new brakes at almost 50k. I think I was going to try some Powerslot rotors and not sure on pads yet. What is all entailed on the switch? Any good write ups?
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    Finally paid off the CX9-need to treat her to something, any ideas?

    I planned on having the car paid off before the clock read 30k, but due to losing my job of almost 10 years and then relocating my family across country I am up to 47k. Paid the car off this morning and although it is about 8 months later than I wanted it is done. Now I am hoping to treat it...
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    Anyone have the dealer perform the 30 or 60k service? Wondering if it is worth it.

    We have close to 48k on our 07 and it really has never been to the dealer and I perform all the oil changes with synthetic every 5,000 miles. The cost for the upcoming 60k is $560 and many of the items are inspected. On the other hand they do flush the cooling, brakes fluid, power steering...
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    What is your mileage and how reliable has your CX9 been? We have an 07 w/45k

    and so far only a couple issues within the warranty period. I am curious to know as people rack up the mileage how the CX9 is going to hold up. I am currently in the market for another vehicle for myself. I lost my job and had a company car for the past 10 years. I plan on buying a Montero...
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    Anyone re-stencil the engine bay cover? My white lettering is almost entirely gone.

    It is a minor area that most probably do not care about, but I like my car to look as new as possible. Has anyone done it and if so what did you use? First it would have to be heat resistant and I would think it would need to be a stencil stick of some sort since trying to take the cover off...
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    Anyone try air brushing to fix small scratches, etc?

    I paying off the CX9 and want it close to it was on day one when we bought it. The rear bumper has a 2-3 inch scratch from my trailer hitting it plus a couple light scratches that went into the paint. I ran across a company truck that claims to air brush the area. They come to your house and...
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    Anyone have or try 275/45/20 on stock 20 inch rims?

    I need at least 2 tires for my wife's CX9 and looking at the Yokohama Spec tires and Discount Tire shows both the 265 and 275 will work on the stock 20's. The 275 is much cheaper than the 265 plus I think it will fill the width of the 9 much better. Any downside to that size or issue on the CX9?
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    rear accessory plug doesn't work and the fuse is fine. Any ideas?

    Any way to trouble shoot the non working accessory plug in the rear? I checked the fuse and its fine. To further check it, I switched a couple 15 amp fuses and still nothing.
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    Those of you with the 2010 OEM Bose radio-how do you change the clock?

    Maybe a dumb question but I have an 07 and switched the head unit out of our 07 for a Bose head unit from a 2010. I liked the display better. But now I cannot seem to change the clock. Everything was a simple plug and play, but on my 07 radio unit I needed to push "clock" until it blinked and...
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    Recommend a good tire size for stock 20's to fill wheel well?

    I need at least 2 new tires on the back of my wife's CX9. Not only did the stock tires stink on the Mazda but the width of the tires looked odd to me since it never filled the wheel well. What tire size will fill the well and come close to being flush with the fender and work well on the CX9?