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    Timing belt tension pully/idler pulley

    Hi Folks, I know this might be a dumb question, but.... is the timing belt tension pulley supposed to be stationary? in that... should it flex/move with only the spring tension after torquing? Reason I'm asking is, after putting the tension spring on and torquing the tension pulley to...
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    Cylinder bore tolerance

    Does anyone know the cylinder bore tolerance before it needs to be bored out? (2002 Protege LX 2.0L FS engine) I can't find a mention of it in the manual. I'd like to get an idea what the shop will tell me when I take the block in for evaluation... specifically if I can get away with throwing a...
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    2002 Protege LX oil eater at 338k

    Hi Folks, I have the subject car and it emits blue smoke for a couple minutes after starting. It seems to go away, or diminish while driving. She's been on a Mobil 1 diet since she was born and now drinks it at the rate of 1qt every 700 or so miles. Getting a little xspensive to keep her full...