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    My ebay 3" downpipe - tones of pictures!

    So after I hesitated for a while, and heard lot's of decent reviews I went ahead and ordered myself the ebay 3" catless downpipe. I have never ordered something from ebay before and I was a bit worried but after others have done it and since it was ONLY $170 shipped from the states to my house I...
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    Downpipe; Tuning + Fuel Pump???

    Hey guys so I ordered the 3" catless downpipe from ebay and it should be here some time this week. There was lot's of the things I was wondering about for those of you who have DP's and I've heard sort of mixed opinions, help me out guys: I have the stock cat-back exhaust, if I install the...
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    Few pics of MG's MS6

    Took a few pics :)
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    Fall Photo Shoot

    For those of you who haven't seen them, I had a few pics floating around in different threads, I thought I'd just post them all here, nothing speacial, just a point and shoot. Enjoy :).
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    Mazda Canada Shoot

    Dalton (ms6 acton) and I got these flags in the mail and were asked to take some pics and send it back to Mazda Canada... Here are some shots we got, enjoy.
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    Next Mod BBQ (Video)

    I posted in the MS6 section, but really why shouldn't everyone see it lol. Special shout out at the end, just some clips I threw together, enjoy :). Next Mod 1 Year Anniversery BBQ
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    Next Mod 1 Year Anniversery BBQ

    Video now complete! Basically if youre to lazy to look through all the pics you can just watch the video! Special shout out to TM6, m24/7 and OTS at the end, please check it out guys. Ratings and comments appreciated aswell:). Click! --> Clicky <-- Click! Hey guys, heres a few shots I got of...
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    Few meets in August... who's going?

    Hey everyone, I'm on TM6, TM3 and TOP and I was just wondering if anyone has heard of the meets coming up. I can link information if people want, these were the three specific meets. Theres the QEW Mazda grand opening... On the same day there is also the Next Mod 1 year anniversery meet...
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    Rear markers

    Couldn't find any real info... just wondering how to remove the two red rear reflectors/markers from the bottom of the MS6. I was gunna black them out but was unsure how to get them out. Are they similar to the side markers? Just pop them out? Or should I get under the car and push them out or...
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    Car was afraid of heights

    Well here it is, only took 2 months to install them lol. They are the BC coilovers, BR type. Kinda a new brand, but pretty good for the price. I got might from Grip Garage, $1,000.00. Ride is stiff but handles like a dream, I was pretty impressed. I was a bit dissapointed because the back...
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    Wow... Nice one Mazda?

    I hope this isn't a repost but still people should check this out... It's C+P from mazda(6)club: Mazda Terminates Dealer Who Sold Woman $66,000 Mazda6 Mazda Canada announced Friday that a dealer that sold a Mazda6 demonstrator to a woman for nearly $25,000 above retail value has had its...
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    My LED swap

    Note: First off, thanks to OJ Bartley for helping me out. There are many different options out there and different places to get leds, I ended up swapping all of mine all from the same place. Everything worked out pretty well. All the bulbs fit and had equal outputs of even lighting. I went with...
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    Issues with BOSE

    Now, I thought BOSE has a pretty good reputation? I don't blare my soundsytem at all, never near max volume, usually around 10 when I'm driving alone, 4 or 5 if theres people in the car and were talking. Maximum I push it up to is maybe 17... and that's extreme for me. Some days I hear rattling...
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    Blacking out front badge

    Again, there was suposed to be some nice weather this week so I thought of a small simple project... Blacking out my front "M" badge. Not sure what the best approach was? I was planning on sanding it down, applying 3-4 coats of flat black paint then a few coats of clear gloss overtop. I plan on...
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    Check post #10 for the meet!
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    Removing headlights

    What is the easiest way to remove the stock MS6 headlight? and I mean the entire headlight assembly from the car, not just a bulb. Is there any way to do it without removing the front bumper? Or is it easier if I remove the front bumper? Are there any links/guides to removing the front bumper...
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    BC Coils?

    I noticed that these coils were not listed in the sticky section of this thread but I know some MS6 members have done it. Who has them? How are they performing? Thoughts about them? Prices you paid? I was looking at these ones... I wanted to make sure I got coils specifically for my car because...
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    Custom shift boots

    I was looking into getting a custom coloured shift boot for my car. Theres tones of options out there, I have the black/white interior so I was thinking of getting something to match it. One problem I did have though, was that I don't know know how to take a part the middle console to get to the...
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    Small story (warranty + rotors)

    Alright so as some of you may know I just bought my car in very late August. It had about 51,000 kms and the comprehensive warranty just ended (I still have the powertrain warramty). About a month and a half after purchasing the car, I started to hear this wierd clunking noise coming from my...
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    Couple photos

    Nothing special, just a regular point + shoot. Stock except for the shark fin. Rain photos (I literly had a friend hold an umbrela over my head to get these shots, lol). With a friend, first attempt at night photos. Enjoy :).