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    Hey everyone

    Dear Nepoc, I have not been honest about what i have bought or where i live or what has gone on this past year or so. The shop was a bad investment that went south and didn't turn out the way i wanted, so instead of answering to everyone about it i just decided to make things up and leave this...
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    BoostedSpd6's 2011 Lexus IS-F Thread

    Huh? Yeah this never happened.
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    2 SU Oil Caps, Mazdaspeed Oil Cap, VG Sharkfin Antenna

    Ok Guys, got some more things up FS SU Blue $25.00 Shipped - SOLD!! to alca0811 SU Black $25.00 Shipped - SOLD!!! to TitaniumSpd Mazdaspeed Oil Cap $35 SOLD!! to dterranova Black Mica VG Sharkfin Antenna $55.00 Sold!!! To BMathis PM Me if interested. All prices posted are Shipped within...
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    Cobb Knob - Blue

    SOLD to ro4fd
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    AutoExe Carbon Fiber Grille & Corksport Strut Tower Brace

    AutoExe Carbon Fiber Grille $265 + Shipping... pending sale to kahmikahze reason for selling: Auto Body Concepts in Chepachet RI is making me and custom front bumper and side skirts, so i no longer need this Grille. Corksport Strut Tower Brace SOLD to MATX
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    Cobb AP $410 Shipped

    Up for sale is My Cobb AP, Completely Unmarried, Comes with all updated firmware, Excellent Condition and well taken care of. Will Be In All Original Packaging, with its serial number matching Box $410 Shipped in the lower 48. Paypal only. PM me if interested.
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    Forum post times

    hey all mods/super mods and admin's the forum post times are messed up again.. just a heads up.. as i type this its 12:00 am 7/7/2010 not 6pm 7/6/2010.
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    How To: Flex Innovations Grounding Kit

    In order to maximize performance from this kit on your MS6, it should be installed as pictured and described below. Tools needed: 3/8” Ratchet 3/8” short extension 8mm Short Socket 10mm Short Socket or Ratcheting Wrench 12mm Short Socket or Ratcheting Wrench 6 short wire ties Step 1: Layout...
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    MS6 Build Number Thread

    ok guys here's the scoop, everyone knows that there was only a certain amount of MS6's made. Its not Official that we have Build Numbers like the MSP's do. With that said ive done some investigating along with the help of my cousin (hes a cop) and that investigation has led me to think that we...
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    2006 MS6 Stock Springs 30,000 miles

    up for sale are my Stock 2006 MS6 Springs, they have 30,000 miles on them, Excellent Condition $60.00 Plus Shipping.. Price is Firm. PM if interested.. Paypal Only.
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    F/S BoostedSpd6's MS6 GT 32,000 Miles $22,900

    While it pains me to do this I have to put my 2006 Mazdaspeed6 GT up For Sale, Bought my 2006 Black Mica MazdaSpeed 6 GT in November 2006, since then it has been meticulously cared for. I would love to sell it to someone who will take care of it as good as I have in the past, and do not want to...
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    Should we Change the Club Name??

    This has been discussed as of late, NEPOC stands for New England Protege Owners Club, and while there are a few protege's left in the group, all of them will be gone before we are. On the Cape meet we were called NEMOC New England Mazda Owners Club.. it didnt sound so bad.. Change the name or...
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    F/S Shorty Antenna for MS6

    Keep it local please close thread.
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    Historic Flood of 2010

    Well i figured that this event warrented a new thread so we dont clog up others with pictures and stories and can just post them in here.. here a few pictures i took this morning Harrisville Dam at Mill Pond, ive never seen it this high and the bridge was still closed. The New Mapleville...
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    F/S GReddy Type RS Bov

    Ok guys up for sale is my GReddy Type RS Bov, used on the car for 3 months, very well taken care of and maintained. It will be pacakaged in the original box with all hardware that came with it originally as seen in the photo. - if your running your car in recirc mode you will need to purchase a...
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    Major/ Hopefully Minor issue

    Tonight i went to test out my new DDM tuning hid fog light kit, everything was going good.. then i switched to my high beams back and forth a few times spread out over 5 miles or so with the fog lights on and after the last time both the high's and the fog's went out at the same time..I began...
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    BoostedSpd6's Build Thread

    Hey guys ive been wanting to make this thread for some time and now that we have a Photo/Video section here it is..this thread is a timeline with pictures of how far my car has come from day 1..u are intitled to ur opinion in this thread but keep the drama to a minimum. no threadjacking!!! here...
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    BoostedSpd6's Garage Sale

    Hey Guys got some parts up for sale..will be adding more as i get the proper pics.. Stock Air Diverter/Valance SOLD!!! 3 Gauge Pod SOLD!!! Stock Washer Fluid Tank.. $35 + Shipping
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    4th Annual RJR Memorial Car Show at OCC

    Location: OCC World Headquarters 14 Crossroads Court; Newburgh NY Date: Sunday July 19th for us imports and modern cars 85 and newer..if ur into classics u can go on the 18th.. Information: Registration starts at 8am.. there will be Trophies, Raffels, Food, Live Music, Cars (lol2), Kids...
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    Found An RX-7

    hey guys i found a 1988 Red RX-7 for sale here in my town.. i was thinking of buying it but it doesnt look like ill have the cash for it..but maybe one of u guys will be interested in it.