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    2007~2015 Possible Engine Leak 3.7L

    Right near the engine mount bracket I've noticed this area looks damp with oil. Can you help identify what is going here? Oil and coolant levels are good, 108k.
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    Replaced Yokohama Parada Spec-X with Pirelli Scorpion Zero

    This tire has been great but it is no longer available, got about 55,000 miles out of them. What's the best option to replace these with now?
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    2009 Touring AWD - need help to diagnose strange sound

    Car has about 85k miles, sounds started about 2 to 3k miles ago very slight metallic rubbing sounds from what I think is the drivers side front wheel. Sounded like the dust shield but has been getting louder. Makes no noise when fully stopped. Yesterday I took off the wheel to investigate and...
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    Replacement Tail Light bulb

    Can anyone confirm the part number and where to order the tail light bulb for the 2009 CX-9? The one that goes above the reverse light on the tailgate. Thanks.
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    2008 CX-9 images

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    75K mile check-in from my 2009 Touring

    Hi everyone. My 2009 Touring still going strong at 74,000 miles.
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    Next CX-9 debuing this fall in LA

    anyone seen pictures yet? is this the CX-3?
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    2014 Mazda BT-50?

    Anyone see this Australian market Mazda pick-up? Looks like it could be a good platform for a large SUV. Ffg
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    Rear Wiper arm "home" position adjustment?

    May be a bit fussy, but I've always hated how my rear wiper arm does not return to a fully horizontal park or home position. It comes to a stop at approx. 3 or 4 degrees above horizontal. Every time I see a CX9, I check this and have noticed that the older the model, the more likely it does in...
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    What is this foam strip?

    I got my car stuck on a snow mound while parking today... kind of high-centered it. I noticed this piece of foam dangling below the driver's side floor board. Any idea what this is for?
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    Brake pads and rotors - where to go to have them replaced?

    Any recommendations besides the dealer? Meineke always has a $50 off promotion, I've never been there but they seem to ave just about the wort reputation online. How about PepBoys or STS? Ideally, I'd like to buy the rotors and pads online and take them somewhere to be installed.
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    CX-9 off road

    Very light off-roading in this 2008 Russian CX-9 test video.
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    Left front wheel - rubbing

    I noticed two or three times now that when making a slow left hand turn over the crest of an incline, say going up the ramp in a parking garage, I hear a scraping or rubbing sound that sounds like the inner fender liner. I've looked in there and cant see anything unusual. Has anyone experience...
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    Chrome tailgate finisher - 2007-2009 need some help with dimensions

    Can someone who has a 2007-2009 cx9 grand touring do me a favor and measure the chrome trim on the rear tailgate above the license plate? The overall height and at the narrowest point below the mazda emblem. Thanks this would be a big help!
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    Dirty cars - or using them how they are meant to be used!

    I have always liked sporty wagons that have some utilitarian value. the interior must be as clean as possible, but the exterior? No way! I haven't owned a car in more than ten years, but my last car was a well used and enjoyed passat wagon. Then, on this forum I saw sjg's 2009 Copper Red...
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    Steering wheel plastic trim 2009

    Just bought a 2009 Touring AWD and though it is in generally very clean condition, the piano black plastic covers on the steering wheel over the audio buttons are heavily worn and pitted so that the top surface feels more like fin grit sandpaper as opposed to smooth plastic? ^not my photo but...
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    Need GPS Navigation recommendations

    Going shopping today for portable system, thinking a 5" screen as a minimum. What do you guys use and recommend? Concerned about price, so looking for the best value of features for the price. Garmin nuvi 1490 LMT TomTom VIA 1605TM Also, any suggestions for mounting lower down on the console...
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    Really considering a CPO CX-9

    Been without a car for the last 12 years, but now with two kids and an ever growing desire to get out of the city on the weekends whenever we can, to visit mountains and lakes in upstate NY, etc..., we are thinking a 7-8 seater awd is in the cards. Read many reviews of all the usual suspects...