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    Need help with front sway bar bushing (2015 Mazda6)

    I have looked everywhere and cannot find any how to’s on replacing the front sway bar bushings on a 2015 Mazda6. Does anybody have a link or can give me some tips on replacing them? The space seems very tight to get to the top bolts. Thanks!
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    2003 Protege ES Rims - No Longer Available

    2003 Protege ES Rims 16x6 stock ES rims. Comes with Toyo Proxes R1-R 205/50/16. Used them for two summers. Perfect tires for autox. List Date: 4/13/2014 Location: Wilmington, DE, United States For more info, click here to view the original listing: 2003 Protege ES Rims...
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    Sub and Amps - SOLD

    Sub and Amps Kicker 08VS12L74. 12 " L7 in Kickers box. Kicker ZX750.1. 750 watt mono amp Kenwood XR-4S 4 channel amp. 120 watt x4. Also comes with all the wires needed to hook them up. List Date: 4/13/2014 Location: Wilmington, DE, United States For more info, click here to view the...
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    Random Misfire Help Needed

    I have a 2003 Protege ES 5 speed. About 6 months ago I got a CEL for a random cylinder misfire. I replaced the coils, packs, and plugs and the problem went away. The other day my car started to stutter and misfire real bad then it went away. This is what it did before and it gradually got worse...
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    Spacers question

    I have a stock '03 Protege ES with the stock 16" rims. I would like to get some spacers to push the wheels out a little and make them flush with the fender. What sizes, front and back, would I need to do this without pushing the wheels out too far and be at risk of snapping my studs?
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    Rear Lock Actuator

    I need the driver's side rear door lock actuator for an '03 Protege ES.
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    Cel p0455

    This code just popped up and I am wondering what it could be. When I looked up the code here it what I got, "This indicates a fuel vapor leak or lack of purge flow in the EVAP control system. It means a large leak has been detected." I have been having an abnormally low idle lately. What things...
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    WTB: MSP or MP3 Stock Short Shifter

    Like the title says, I am looking for an MSP or MP3 stock short shifter. I think they are the same? Also may need the shift knob if the stock knob from my '03 ES does not fit. Thanks
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    Performance Alignment Help

    I have an '03 Protege ES and I will be getting new tires soon so I am also going to get an alignment to make sure that the tires don't wear unevenly. I autocross my car and might do a track day or two and need help with the alignment. I also daily drive the car. I was told that I should get as...
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    Airbag light code?

    So my airbag light blinks randomly. Sometimes it will go a week and never blink but then it always starts sometime or another. Today I payed attention to it and the code was 2 long blinks followed by 6 short blinks. I'm not sure what this means and am hoping that somebody can tell me. Thanks
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    Rota Slipstream fitment?

    Once I get the money I will be picking up a set of Rota Slipstream's. I have a stock Protege ES, but I will be lowering it some time in the future. What would I have to do, if anything, to get 15x7 +40mm to fit with 225/50/15 tires? Also what kind of lugs would I need. Links for lugs and maybe...
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    Weird ABS issue

    Two weeks when I was parking my car on the side of the street, I drover up on the slanted curb and when I hit my brakes ABS kicked in. At first I thought that there could have been a patch of ice on the curb. I wasn't going fast and I definitely wasn't slipping or anything. It did it to me again...
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    Engine whine

    I just installed new motor mounts with the medieval mounts and now when I'm driving the engine whines. It sounds like it is From the transmission. Anybody else have this?
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    Medieval Transmission Mount

    Does anyone have any tips on installing this? I got the mount in but cannot get the bolt going through the metal shaft to line up on the other side. My friends Dad and Grandfather tried at it for 2 hours and nothing. Tomorrow we're going to loosen the bolts on the transmission and see if we can...
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    Control Arm Bushings

    I looked at the shop manual and I see that each side has two of them. Mine squeak real bad so I would like to change them. How difficult are these to change?
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    Brake vibration

    Randomly when I hit the brakes it will make the pedal feel as if I am sliding on ice even though I am on solid concrete and am not sliding. I let the pedal back up and when I apply again it goes away. What could this be? Come spring I will be changing the front brakes to 07 Mazda 6 calipers and...
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    Motor Mounts

    I need to replace my passenger side mount and rear mount so I figure that I will replace them all with aftermarket ones. I would love to get the AWR ones but for $500 I'd rather not. I found these on ebay...
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    Front end link squeak

    I got my front sway bar installed and used the Ford Escape end links from autozone. Before I switched out the bar and end links my front end squeaked real bad. I was hoping that the new end links would do the trick. The only thing that they did was make the squeak a higher pitch. What would you...
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    Suspension Recommendations

    I have a 2003 Protege ES with front and rear racingbeat sway bars. The next thing that I want to upgrade is the struts and springs. It is my daily driver but I also autox it. I want to have a comfortable ride but I want it to be competitive in autox. I've been looking at the Tokico Illuminas...
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    Suspension question

    I have a 2003 Protege ES and I am looking at getting new struts and springs all around come spring time. I would like the car to look evenly dropped all around but would also like it to perform well during autocross. I am also leaning towards something that is adjustable because in the winter...