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    Heated rear view mirrors an option?

    Does anyone know if this is an option on the new CX30? On some other Mazdas when you activate the rear defroster it also heats up the rear view mirrors, I find this very useful when the mirrors are iced up or raining.
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    2016+ CX-9 AWD spare tire size?

    Hi guys, Can someone with 2016+ CX-9 AWD please confirm the spare tire size, CX-5 owners have discovered Mazda is putting in much smaller spare tires that don't match the regular tires. Please see link, thanks.
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    Guide Maintenance Mode for 2016 / 2017 CX-5 electronic brakes

    ok folks, I tried to make a video but it's too hard for this procedure, I needed to use both hands, so I'll write up a detailed procedure based on the Mazda PDF's provided by Anchorman (much thanks) see post # 12 of this link...
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    $70 rebate for Michelin tires at Tire Rack 6/21/17 to 7/16/17

    for those interested, just sharing :
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    how to fix shaky rear view mirror

    fixed a shaky rear view mirror literally in 5 seconds, thought I'd share if some fellow CX-5 owners are experiencing the same this, there's a Torx T20 screw at the bottom of the OEM rear mirror mount, just need to re-tighten and problem solved.... another benefit was what I though was an...
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    $4.99 cup LED's

    for those interested: I made these into cup LED's for the CX-5....... these will fit the CX-5 cup holders, no way I was going to spend $50 on cup LED's: also...
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    center cubby touch sensitive USB light

    this is pretty slick, a mini USB LED light that is turned on and off by touch...
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    Finally figured out why I don't get those dirt or salt marks on trousers anymore lol

    See video mark 39:40 LOL. With previous car, the wife used to complain why I was such a slob and always getting trousers dirty in the rear shin area, it was always from the door sill, but with the CX5, I don't get that Video is one of the more detailed I've seen, not sure if...
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    CX-5 housekeeping -battery, rotor, coolant,cargo net, black plastic, windshield fluid

    CX-5 housekeeping -battery, rotor, coolant,cargo net, black plastic, windshield fluid finally some nice weather so did some random housekeeping items........ just thought I share and maybe help some fellow CX-5 owners...... 1) battery corrosion prevention (brush on type) they have spray type...
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    2016+ CX-5 parking brakes are actually using the regular rear brakes......

    not sure if any member mentioned this, but I was rotating my tires today and just for the heck of it wanted to check the parking brakes low and behold, there was no "parking brake shoes" (not sure if that's the right term, but in my previous non-electric parking brakes they were like two piece...
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    2016+ voice command button not working fix

    just thought I share this for fellow 2016+ owners with non-working voice command button: for some reason it stopped working yesterday and I did the "soft" reboot: press (BACK+NAV+MUTE) and hold for at least 10 seconds the system may show nav screen or voume will be muted (just ignore and...
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    headrest LCD (pictures)

    bought some LCD headrest for the kids on long road trips, $89 shipped for the pair link: pretty good quality for the price, no issues so far except the headrest post adapters that came with them...
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    chrome accents: dash, cupholder, mirror, tail lights

    I know some people don't like chrome and some people go way overboard with the chrome but if done tastefully, IMHO it looks nice, again it's all personal preference. here's some ideas for those interested: OEM match silver matte dash accent: cupholder accent to cover the cheap OEM black...
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    OEM bumper lights and JDM reverse lights

    lighted bumper reflector housing and bright LED reverse bulbs for those interested in bumper brake lights, this seller is selling them for $90 per pair : LINK...
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    how to zoom in on HD Radio Traffic map ?

    has anybody been able to zoom in on the HD Radio Traffic map, I've tried the scroll wheel, tried touchscreen, nothing, can't zoom in ? thanks in advance
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    CX-9 is in running for SUV of the year Why do they keep bringing up the weak AC, I didn't think it was that bad at all during test drive. Congrats, it beat out Lexus and Acura and BMW, Looks like it has a shot, I don't see any of the other finalists come...
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    CX-5 transfer case drain and fill plug locations ?

    Can someone who has done the transfer case oil change please confirm that these are the drain and fill plugs ? thanks very much
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    intuitive "no look" activation of sport mode switch

    cool, we're back on, looks like the Mazda 247 server was down for a while. anyways, found a cool intuitive "no look" activation of sport mode for the CX-5 not sure of any fellow CX-5 drivers, but I find the Sport switch very extremely handy when merging or when I need quick acceleration to...
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    Installed LED fog bezel and LED switchback in 2016 CX-5

    Not a big fan of the OEM double horizontal bars bezel above the foglights so I removed them and Installed fog LED bezels $45/pair (ebay) in 2016 CX-5, these will not fit if you have the LED fog options, the diameters don't match...
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    2016 Nav questions and issue

    HI guys, 1) is there a setting so it's only the NAV voice only throughout the vehicle not just the driver's side, I find the music in the background during NAV instructions very distracting. 2) anyone encounter where the NAV voice is garbled and choppy when adjusting volume, in other words...