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    Mazda concept sports car for Tokyo auto show Hopefully it will be rotary powered. Even if it is, there's no guarantee it will be built. The RX-8 concept car was case study to gauge interest. Still, I can't wait to see what the Tokyo auto show...
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    Highway drone with 2.5L 2014 Mazda3 axle-back exhaust?

    I've got the CorkSport axle-back exhaust on my wish list for my 2.5L 2014 Mazda3, but I'm wondering how much highway drone results from its installation? I've had many exhaust systems on my cars. Some have had very little drone at highway speeds and others were pretty obnoxious. Since I have...
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    Top speed discussion of 2.5L

    I can't find the thread now, but there was a discussion on calculating the top speed of the 2.5L car based on Car & Driver's 133mph top speed for the 2.0L automatic car. I calculated the top speed of the 2.5L based on similar weight and the 184hp of the 2.5L, and verified the results with a...
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    Music on USB drive

    After everything I've read in the owner's manual and from users here, I hadn't bothered to give it a try before, but I thought with v29 it was worth a shot. I've been pleasantly surprised to find that my 64GB drive, with about 41GB of music, has been working flawlessly. It even remembers where...
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    Mazda Soul Red touch up paint doesn't match well

    It's probably because of the fancy triple-layer paint used to make Soul Red, but this touch up paint I bought from Mazda is the poorest matching OEM touch up paint I've ever used, and I've used quite a few over the years. It's significantly lighter in color than the factory paint, to the point...
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    Finally some decent photos of my 2014 3s GT hatch

    I hand washed, clay barred, and waxed my 3 Friday afternoon/evening. Finally got some decent (not great, but decent) photos of it with the window tint and OZ Racing wheels. The full Google album can be seen here...
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    Love my new 2014 Mazda3s CorkSport intake!

    I installed it Sunday. Took it for a test drive afterwards and then drove it to work today. It sounds great! Not obnoxiously loud, even at WOT, and completely stock-sounding at cruise, and the sound when you get on the gas is an invigorating growl that takes on a more metallic sound near...
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    Power and Torque gains for 2014 Mazda3s (2.5L) Intake?

    CorkSport, I recently ordered your new 2014 Mazda3s (2.5L) intake. I'm curious to know what the gains are. The dyno graph that's on your site for that intake appears to be for a 2.0L engine based on the power outputs.
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    CorkSport intake

    I just ordered mine, red silicone, red filter, black MAF, and black clamps. I'll probably kick myself for spending the money later, but I wanted to get this with some tax return money. I had a CorkSport intake on my 2005 Mazda3, and I liked it.
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    Mrs Fields cookies from Mazda for Christmas!

    Anyone else get theirs? Mine arrived today. I'm still geeked about it. This is the coolest thing I've ever received from a car manufacturer or dealer after buying a car. Mazda is the coolest car company!
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    New Summer 2014 Mazda3 Wheels On Order

    I wasn't planning on buying wheels this soon. I haven't sold my summer wheels and tires for my 2012 Focus, yet. However, these O.Z. Racing Alleggerita HLT wheels were on closeout at Tire Rack, and I fell in love with them. You can't beat getting $418-a-piece wheels for $289 each, and that...
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    Weight of OEM 18x7" wheels?

    Has anyone found out how much the OEM 18" wheels weigh? I'm doing a ton of research on summer wheels for the car, and I want to make sure they're no heavier than OEM. I'm guessing the OEM are somewhere around 22 to 24 lbs.
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    a prayer for the Sport mode

    Tempt me not into Sport mode, For it taketh away the fuel efficiency. Most rapidly does the number drop When my hand strays to the button. Lord, help me to not give in To the temptation of the Soul Red devil, Urging me to spin the tires and shift with alacrity While the throttle snaps open so...
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    Connecting to WiFi?

    Has anyone had any luck with connecting his/her 2014 Mazda3 to a WiFi network? I tried at home multiple times and now I just tried at work with no luck. At home the signal may have been too weak in the garage, even with the door to the house open, but here at work where I park, the signal...
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    Can I just turn off the darn entertainment system?

    I've had my 2014 3s GT since Thursday evening. I have yet to find a way to simply turn off the stereo. Am I missing something? Mute is not the same thing, especially if the source is my iPod or phone.
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    May be trading 2012 Focus Titanium for 2014 Mazda3s GT

    So, I had a 2005 Mazda3s sedan in Winning Blue that I absolutely loved. I've never been more attached to a car than I was to that one. Several years after the engine died and I sold it, I still miss it. When that one blew up, I knew about the...
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    Old OEM parts from my 2005 Mazda3s 4-door for anyone who wants them

    I don't know where to post this, as this is not a "for sale" post, since I'm not asking for any money for this stuff. I just want to get rid of it, but I hate to throw it all away. I no longer have my 2005 Mazda3s (2.3L) 4-door (engine died). I have boxes of stuff left over from after-market...
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    My 05 Mazda3s bit the dust

    On the way home Tuesday evening the engine died. Oil all over. I had it towed to the dealer where I bought it almost 6 years ago (and 191,200 miles or so ago) just to get definite verification. I'm pretty bummed. I loved that car. They would charge me $6,000 for a remanufactured Mazda...
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    brand new CorkSport SRI installed in 2005 Mazda3s 4-door

    this is my third aftermarket intake. Hopefully it will be the last. The (F2) cold air intake I had first sucked up just enough water (I was at high RPM when I hit a puddle on an expressway ramp) to short out my MAF sensor. Total cost, including rental was $600. I then replaced it with the...
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    My new "pleasure vehicle"

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post pictures of my new RX-8, but here goes. I'm keeping my 2005 Mazda3 4-door as my commuter car, but today I brought this beauty home to be my "pleasure vehicle:" It's a Sparkling Black Mica Grand Touring. I had planned to get the R3, but...