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    AEM intake and egr pipe.

    Decided it's time to sell my AEM intake. I love this intake, but now that I'm boosted, I hope to never need it again. This IS the best looking intake for the protg platform. It is in near mint condition, includes a good intake air temp sensor, the valve cover breather hose and a custom...
  2. J

    Msp Ecu

    As the title states. I need an msp ecu shipped to WA, 98366. Let me know if youve got one, thanks -Ben
  3. J

    1 msp racinghart. Curbed. Cheap.

    Hi guys, I'm looking for one msp racing hart wheel. Super cheap, with any amount of curb rash as long as it is structurally sound. No bends or cracks. Don't need center cap. Thanks Ben
  4. J

    Protege grill and/or lip

    Protege CDM grill, with the single line across it. Or possibly other aftermarket grill if fitment is good. And also an msp lip or dg lip. Let me know what you've got.
  5. J

    626 FS Intake mani and egr pipe.

    I'm looking for a 626 manifold and egr pipe. Thanks guys.
  6. J

    Aftermarket Driver's/Trans mount.

    No inserts. Preferably an AWR mount. Open to others too though. Let me know if you have one.
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    Protege 2.0 woodruff key.

    Got it, please close thread.
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    Protege 2.0 cylinder head

    Got it, please close thread.
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    Blowoff valve

    Looking for a decent bov for a decent price. Let me know what you've got. Thanks
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    Protege rear main seal housing

    Hi guys. I need a rear main seal housing that'll work with my fs motor. Let me know what you've got and maybe we can work something out. Thanks!
  11. J

    2002 Mpv part out.

    Hey guys, I've got a 2002 mpv, going to be scrapped soon. I just wanted to see if anyone on here needed/wanted anything off it. Runs good, just has a clogged precat. 210k miles. It's all complete. Let me know. Thanks, Ben
  12. J

    Protege/P5 Custom floormats

    Hey guys, I have some floormats that I made a while ago. They are made of a heavy duty diamond-plate pattern rubber. They look great, and I put a lot of effort into the fitment of these. They fit perfectly and hold water and dirt fantastically. Better fitment than anything you could buy by...
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    Looking for wideband, boost, and oil pressure gauges. Also looking for a steering column pod setup for a protege. Let me know what you've got. Thanks.
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    Short Shifter

    Hey guys. I have an obx adjustable short shifter for sale. It is in very good condition. I ran it for about 15k miles before I got my kartboy shifter. The range of adjustability is huge in both height and throw. You can have it so short that it's only about 1.5 inches between 1st and 2nd...
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    P5 Eibach Pro-kit

    Hey guys, I am looking to sell my eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs for the P5. They are in very good condition. They were only ran for 8-9k miles before I switched to coilovers. No rust at all, and very few blemishes in the coating. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get a...
  16. J

    DG Carbon Fiber radio surround

    Hi guys, SOLD I have a DG motorsports Carbon fiber radio surround here. These are getting very hard to find nowadays. It is in very good shape for its age, but there are some slight flaws. It will also come with a stock radio surround that it is mounted on, so You can choose how you want to...
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    Lightly used coilovers

    Hi guys, Sold! I have a set of lightly used Yellowspeed dps coilovers. I picked them up locally from a guy who was putting his car back to stock. He said they were used for right around 1500 miles. They are in fantastic shape. All collars and lower brackets turn with ease, shockbody...
  18. J

    Just another yellow P5 build...

    Hey guys. Things seem to be getting deader by the day for us protege fans. I figured since we haven't got much less to lose, I may as well make a build thread! I'll start by saying hi, my name's Ben. My protege has been my daily driver, project car, and only car since '09! I've been on here...
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    EGR theory

    I have an idea that i need to run by you guys regarding the deletion of the egr. This is most commonly done by cutting the pipe, capping the header, and throwing a breather filter on the pipe. This lets unmetered air into the intake manifold which could cause a lean condition. Many have had...
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    Eibach pro kit rear swaybar links

    I just installed some eibachs and the ends of my rear swaybar are sitting on the lateral links. I have stock swaybar links, did anyone else run into this issue?