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    AirBag light blinks 2 2 intermitant

    Does anyone know how to fix this.. My Airbag light (on the speedometer) blinks 22 code... Blinks 2 times, then keeps repeating the same 22.... I took it to firestone and read the codes from the computer and they said something about resistance, and they said the resistance was fine.. and...
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    Nitto 421Q -VS- Yokohama Parada Spec-X

    I currently have Yokohama Parada Spec-X tires installed after replacing them with the OEM Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400 . I've driven 25k. 1 set has 4/32 and the other set has 6/32. Pretty much the same tire ware I had with the Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400. I am looking to puchase another set of...
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    VGX Silent Silver

    Does anyone know about VGX Silent Silver brake pads and roters? I just got home from getting my brakes done. I asked them to put wagner brake pads on, and they put VGX Silent Silver bake pads on the card. I didn't notice untill I got home... I've looked thru the web, and I haven't found much...
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    "Key" Light no (not flashing)

    Ok, I look thru the forum, and did not see this issue. I have a 2007 CX-9 GT. This happends with both smart cards. When I attempt to press the button on the handle, nothing happends at all (DEAD). I press the unlock button on the Smart card, it OPENS the door. When I get in the car...
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    Just Ordered Yokohama Parada Spec-X

    I just ordered Yokohama Parada Spec-X from (see info below). I hope these tires are as good as everyone says. I wanted to purchase them locally (STS Tire, ETD, ETC) but they wanted too much for the tire. STS wanted 202+mounting, etc. I called my Local Mazda dealer, they would...
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    Toyo Versado CUV

    Has anyone purchase the Toyo Versado CUV. I called STS about purchasing the Yokahama Prada Spec-X and they recomended the Toyo Tires. Has anyone had these installed or have any information about them? THanks
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    Has anyone sold there CX-9?..How much?

    I was wondering has anyone sold / traded in ther CX-9? How much have you gotten for it? I was thinking of getting ride of it, but I would like to know realistic price. I know I can go to KBB etc. But I find that it's really unrealistic.. Everytime i've gone to trade my cars in, it's not...
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    Aftermarket Cabin Air Filter for the Mazda CX-9?

    Does any 3rd party make a cabin air filter for the CX-9GT?
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    2nd Row Air on While Car is off

    Has anyone come across this. I Have a CX-9 GT 2007. One day I drove somewhere, and turn the car off. about 2 seconds later the 2nd row air turns on. Can't turn it off!!... I tried turning the car on, and off. I tried to turn the car on, and turn read control to front control option, turn...
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    2007 CX-9 GT Auto Headlight buzz when car is turned off

    Well All 2007 CX-9 GT owners should have the annoying problem. When we have the Headlight set to Auto, and shut the car off, open the door etc, the car thinks we have forgotten to turn off the headlights and the car buzzes till the headlights turn off by itself (after 10sec ?). Has anyone...
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    Heater stuck on? CX-9 GT

    Guys, Has anyone had this problem?.... Yesterday I noticed my passenger vents are blowing Heat instead of Cold or natural air. Ive set it for dual or non dual and both times hot always come out on the pasenger side... I've set it all the way down to 60' and same thing.. is there a...
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    Air Filter P/N? and Competative?

    Hey guys.. I honesly looked in the manual and could not find a part number for the air or cabin filter... I even went to the PDF version from Mazda, and it didn't have any P/N's.. Can someone supply me with the Standard Air Filter and Cabin filter P/N? Also does anyone recommend any other 3rd...
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    Anyone know any HD Radio Options for the Mazda

    Does anyone know if there is an interface kit / tuner available for the Mazda CX-9?...
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    So Who received Free Touchup paint in the mail from MazdaUSA

    Hey guys, I always wanted to get a bottle.. but.. today (12/8/07) I received a box from MazdaUSA. the box said "Just in case you get a little Zoom-Zoom Crazy." I opened the box and it was a free bottle of touchup paint!!.. (eekdance) Has anyone...
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    Anyone Seen this yet!!....

    I saw this in a pepboys paper... Its a backup sensor that you put on your trailer hitch!!.. They also make kits to install in bumpers too... I've been searching online...everyone sells it for at least $150. Trying to see if I can get it online at pepboys or someone like that... alot of...
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    CX-9 Will ding while exiting when lights are physically on and switch is set to Auto

    Hello All, If I am correct, most people here have this annoying problem. When exiting the car, and the headlights are set to auto, the car dings when exiting the car (when lights are physically on and the switch is set to auto). I talked to a mazda dealer, when I was there...
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    Mazda CX-9 Accessories Installation Guides

    Hello All, I thought I would start a thread about installation manuals. On other threads someone one found this site . This site has most of the installation instructions. I would get them while it's available. I found 2 other instructions that he didn't have which I am attaching...
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    Bypass module for CX-9 Navi Safety ??

    Does anyone have information of how to bypass the CX-9 Navigation safety??... so when a user drives the car someone can use the navigation? Thanks Please PM me with the info.. thanks.
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    CX-9 Remote Start Installation instructions

    Does anyone have installation instructions for the Mazda remote Engine start for the CX-9?... if so... that would be great!! Please PM me if you post it here etc. Thanks
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    Extended Warranty

    Did anyone opt to get the extended warranty on the CX-9?. If so, how much did you pay? and any details... (length Year/Miles) what does it cover etc. Thanks