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    Gas cap strap

    Old thread, but unanswerred. I bought a replacement from the dealer. At least from my dealer in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, it was extremely reasonably priced for the 2007 CX-9, and much less so for, say, a 2010 Mazda 3. Other plastic parts break off as well over time (e.g. 3rd row seatbelt...
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    Jack Points?
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    Jacking Points - Actual Info

    It's unfortunate that the last post on this topic was so non-constructive. However, I think the actual info is useful to have online. Be warned that all info in my post is with regard to 2007 CX-9 and may be different for later years. The CX-9 owner manual defines the 4 side jacking points...
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    CX-9 Hitch question
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    CX-9 Picture Thread

    In Kanata (near Ottawa), Ontario, Canada. Fall 2007.
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    Clicking sound when put in Reverse

    For anyone interested, vBulletin forum software (i.e. forum software running here) has a user ignore feature. You access it as follows: - find User CP on the top menu bar - find Buddy / Ignore Lists on the left menu column - add user to Ignore list, 2nd window Thank you 100$ GUY for...
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    Navigation screen tapping accuracy

    See 3 posts above yours, Burcrim.
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    Sirius on CX-9 in Canada

    No, I didn't purchase nor install. As yourself, the install instructions seemed too excessive for the value. 6 MP3 CDs and the local radio stations seem plenty for me.
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    Wayne Mazda - Low Prices, Piss Poor Customer Service

    Yes, service manuals are a problem in general, not only Wayne Mazda. Mazda only prints service manuals in large batches, so there is an unpredictable and sometimes long time between printings. So, some of the "blame" is on that reality. Now Wayne Mazda should be behaving better regardless...
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    Bug shield

    I've tried a bug deflector on another Mazda in the past and took it off. The problems that I ran into are that (a) dirt would accumulate under the deflector and I expected it to start scratching the paint under the deflector with time; and b) I couldn't wash the car under the deflector...
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    Auto wipers

    My auto wipers do not behave this way. They wipe generally only when there is dirt or precipitation that appears while moving. Note that if you had the auto dimming mirror installed by the dealer (or yourself), there is a chance that specific tabs used in the auto wiper sensor could have...
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    NAV Unit

    The whole Mazda accessories compatibility matrix is a complete mess, no question about that. Your dealer may be correct, but in a subtle, non-obvious way. However, I have both Bose and Nav and I can assure those two options work together. If by "DVD" you mean the Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)...
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    Questions about the Shock Sensor and Remote Start Options

    Yeah, same for me. Double :mad::mad:.
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    Cargo Mat

    So these are the small mats for behind the 3rd row that they're offering? Not a larger mat for behind the 2nd row with 3rd row down? Would you please post a photo of your installed mat regardless of whether it's the former or the latter, although I am more looking for the latter. EDIT: Uhm...
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    What fuel grade?

    87. It's a significant selling point of the CX-9 relative to, say, MDX.
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    Thanks Everyone...

    Yap, the dealer and more importantly the dealer's service department is more important than the car make for a new car purchase. MDX was also my 2nd choice, a fine car, perhaps better towing capability than CX-9.
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    anyone planning to buy snow tires?

    For the record, I have experienced the stock all-seasons tires on 20" wheels last March in a very mild freeze/light snow dusting situations in an AWD CX-9. They DO NOT performe "reasonably well" in this situation. I will go so far as to say that if it ever freezes or snow dusts in your area...