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    Apple Map, Waze or Google Maps on HUD

    @haicat2211 HUD turn by turn navigation only works with unofficial AA, coupled with an Android handset & depends on fw version. Regards, Radarwild
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    2016~2022 CarPlay, Android Auto and the HUD

    @imagio It will shows on HUD turn by turn for unofficial AA (Android handset) depends on your fw version & unofficial AA versions. Regards, Radarwild
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    70.00.335 Firmware

    @The_Hawk You can only apply id7v2 method to fw70.00.335 to fw70.00.352 (I have done hundreds of test for my AA v1.15B). You can not apply the same technique for fw70.00.367+ required id7v3 which is not published & very difficult & can easily permanently brick cmu if your not careful, you can...
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    70.00.335 Firmware

    @The_Hawk Did you follow the instructions to the wording? You can not access system root by just simply input username/password for fw70.00.100+ Did you reinstall fw70.00.335 ADR which is the update.up file approx 1gb-1.8gb (whilst making the serial connection) and at the end of the...
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    Infotainment ver. 74.00.230A

    @Candurin its from searching google. If you're not happy i'm more than happy to remove it.
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    2013~2016 CX-5 USB port and cable trouble

    Old usb ports ( 2 x 500mA). What is your cellphone Android version? Make sure usb configuration is "transferring files" allowed/selected. Additionally for your older Mazda usb port: You can attach an USB data hub to the first usb port, connect a 5V adapter to the 12v power socket (cigarette...
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    2018 CX-5 Connect Firmware and Apple CarPlay

    *did you know that If you remove the oem nav sdcard the HUD turn by turn navigation and (TSR) will not work. Some useful info: See vid descript. *refresher. Thanks everyone.
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    Firmware 70.00.367A

    .100, 335, 352 all works the same as 367, all FW70 have AA/CP included. I do not have 367 NA. Fun fact: did you know that if you remove the rubbers off your wippers, wash and clean the dirt off them you can reuse them again and again. Some useful info here...
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    Firmware 70.00.367A

    Scan me.
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    CX-5 Android Auto / Apple CarPlay

    Most Android version 10+ issues with AA could be related to the phone settings, make sure developers settings is enabled but usb debbugging is switched off. Also check AA developers mode is enabled set as developers, up to 1080p video support selected, unknown sources is ticked.
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    Factory Reset Infotainment and dealer is saying CMU is gone?

    @sganesh Your cmu is in a state of software bricked, have a look at the first link (required ssh serial connection, depends on your fw whether you can get root access) Stuck in an installation loop from V.59 to V.70 If that fail, check this link and watch the video to recuse your cmu. Also read...
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    Who has done the Mazda AIO Hack?

    More Information here --->>>
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    2014-early 2019 Mazda, AA Tru_go

    Aio AA (v1.13) is not the latest. Answer to your question can be found here --->>
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    74.00.200 Has Wireless Apple CarPlay

    No, the entire cmu will be replaced under warranty only. If out of warranty owner will need to pay $1200 for a new replacement. Fw74.00.200 will not be available to any Mazda dealerships according to TSB.
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    74.00.200 Has Wireless Apple CarPlay

    Yes, according to Mazda TSB its only ship with newer vehicle/model 2021. Fw will not be released to dealership from Mazda HQ in Japan. So do not bother asking for an upgrade fw to this version. It will never be available to any Mazda dealerships.
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    Who's added Android Auto and other AIO tweaks via serial port recently?
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    AIO Tweak Installation Question

    Downgrade back to fw70.00.352 and do id7v2 autorun recovery method serial connection access then follow this guide
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    2014-early 2019 Mazda, AA Tru_go

    If your car windscreen cracked and you have a HUD module, always replace it with an oem windscreen, else you'll get a double or ghost images. Some useful info here: Refer vid descript.
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    The CX-5 LED Lighting Thread

    All leds front, side mirrors and rear indicators (load resistors required for some). Link:
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    CX5 - LED fog light + turn signal

    No problem with mine had it installed for 2years now DIY job mine got blue night light too for extreme fog condition (i connect mine with fog fuse switch). As long as you have loads resistors for led turn signals front and rear connected properly there will be no light error on dash or hyper...