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    Wayne Mazda - Low Prices, Piss Poor Customer Service

    They either don't answer their emails or answer then after 7-10 days. They don't answer their phone so you have to leave a message. They don't call back. Shorted me a touch up paint pen. They acknowledged it. Have sent them 4 emails in the last month with no response. Canceled an order for...
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    Black marks on wheels.

    I was looking at my daughters new CX-9 (2 weeks old). There are black marks in irregular patterns on all the 20" wheels. Used some wax/cleaner but they appears to be under the clear coat. Told her to go down to the dealer and ask for new wheels. Anyone else have this marks?
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    Two quotes back out of Eleven Requests

    CX-9, Grand Touring, FWD with Moonroof/BOSE pkg. in Seattle area. First quote was $100 over invoice, 2nd was at invoice. Setting a pretty high bar for the remaining nine dealers who haven't responded yet.........
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    New Review
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    First Production CX-9's at the Port of Tacoma

    Unloaded on 12/26......... Pictures at