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    BP built engine and Mazda / Universal parts for sale

    Sold!! BP engine completely cleaned out and rebuilt about 7 years ago but never used. GTX oil pump, MSBP installed, crank shaft balanced, GTX rods, Wiseco 10.5:1 pistons, slightly bored for new pistons, 1mm oversized stainless steel valves, head rebuilt / port and polished / port matched, Miata...
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    AEM EMS 1710 B series engines

    AEM EMS 1710 B series engines This is the AEM EMS 1710 I never actually got a chance to use it, tested it once on a friends Miata and it worked. It should work in any mazda running a B series engine I will ship to anywhere in Canada and USA List Date: 1/25/2015 For more info, click here to...
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    1993 AWD MX-3 - No Longer Available

    1993 AWD MX-3 Due to having a baby, now moving and simply not having time to work on a car I am to selling my nearly completed AWD mx-3 for $2000 or trading for a driving mx3 or miata in good shape (I will also consider trade and adding some money). I am also open to selling some stuff...
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    Snow tires on 16" rims?

    Has anyone put 16" rims and snow tires on their 2011 CX-7? I want to go with a slightly skinnier and taller tire for winter tires plus 16" seems to be a much better price. Tire rack suggests the size but for some reason doesn't link to it only 17 or 18 so i'm confused
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    [fs] awd mx-3

    [FS] AWD MX-3 Due to having a baby and simply not having time to work on a car I am to selling my nearly completed AWD mx-3 for $2500 or trading for a driving mx3 or miata in good shape (I will also consider trade and adding some money).
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    New 2012 Mazda3 sport GS-sky joining the group

    After a lot of thought I picked up a 2012 Mazda3 sport GS-sky with 6speed manual trans and tinted windows. Looking forward to working on the new car over the years :) I will try to post some pics up later
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    2012 Mazda 3 GS-sky stock wheel weight

    I was curious of the stock wheel weight of the 16" alloy rims that come on the GS-sky model of the mazda3 hatchback. I do not like the rims at all and if i buy the car I am hoping to upgrade soon to another 16" rim that is lighter. I tried searching but only found the weight of the steelies at...
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    2010+ strut bars?

    I tried searching strut bar in the 2010+ forum and nothing came up. I am hoping to pick up a 2012 gs-sky hatchback next week and i would like to add a front strut bar and maybe do at least one other item to improve cornering (but still keep the cost down). Here are a few items i'm looking at...
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    Ford Focus vs Mazda3 GS Skyactiv

    I am looking to get rid of my protege5 and get my first ever new car (i'm kinda freakin out cause its a big decision) I want a hatch, and i want equal to or more storage than my p5, equal to or better handling, and improved gas mileage. Has anyone driven the Focus and GS-sky and can offer some...
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    Will a protege steering rack fit a p5?

    I need to get a new steering rack. Will a regular protege rack fit or only a p5 one?
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    Smokey Mountains

    Hey my wife and I will be heading down to the smokey mountains national park a little after March 9th... anyone from there area have any tips for the area and possibly want to meet up?
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    Mazdaspeed pads on p5?

    I had a buddy who sold his p5 give me a set of pads he never put on the car. only problem is he had upgraded to the mazdaspeed front brakes... are the pads still the same or do i have useless pads?
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    Dashlights no longer work?

    So I was messing around with my fog lights and first tried the mod that allows them to run when you have your parking lights on. Cut the red wire that goes to the fog light relay and conect a wire from there and splice into the green wire behind the fog light switch. I wanted to have a drl so i...
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    WTB: rubber/plastic trunk liner?

    Is anyone selling that trunk liner thing? i need something to try to keep the trunk area kinda clean in my P5
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    WTB: protege cornerlight pigtails

    I am looking for the wire plug pigtails for the lights in the corner of the protege sedan headlights
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    LF: white/clear sidemarkers for bumper on p5 and pigtails for headlamp sidemarkers

    I need a driver side sidemarker for the bumper on my p5 i'd like to just get a set of clear ones but having trouble finding any. Also i switched to the sedan headlights cause one of mine were broken and well its cheaper but i need a pigtail for the side light in the headlamp from the protege...
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    wtb: rear lateral links

    I have a badly bent rear driver side lateral link and desperately need a new one does anyone know where i can find replacements?
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    WTB: front hubs with bearings

    looking for some front hubs and bearings in good shape for my p5
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    lound repeating thumping noise when driving over 65mph?

    when i'm on the highway doing about 65 and up (i can hear it a little after 55 but hardly) i hear a loud kinda thumping noise almost like rumble strips but slower. i've heard it almost since buying the car this summer but it is getting louder. i found out i had 3 out of 4 bent rims. so could...
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    WTB:Cheap rims for my P5

    So I just found 3 of the 4 rims on the p5 I bought this summer are bent thus explaining the thumps I hear at high speeds. Does anyone have some unbent rims for sale for a good price? I don't mind scrapes just need them round.