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    MP3 with fuel filling problems

    thank you, pcb. I will look into it. I did drain a bit of fuel from the charcoal canister, but I was under the impression it just needed to dry out, not be replaced. I will replace it.
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    MP3 with fuel filling problems

    Hey All, I bought an MP3 with a blown motor from a Pick-n-Pull and resurrected it for autocross and rallycross purposes. It is a ton of fun, but has a couple of little issues: 1) It is difficult to fill the fuel tank. When I begin to fill the fuel, the pump stops after a few seconds, so filling...
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    Reverse lights stuck on

    Thank you! I just finished a ZE swap in an '01 MP3 with the reverse lights stuck on, making this very mistake. I thought it was the switch down by axle on the passenger side, but instead it is the one in the front, below the fill plug. Thank you for the post that steered me in the right...
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    Rallycross BJ Protege

    Heroic! I love it. Can you go into how you replaced the rear motor mount? Thanks!
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    MP3 Production Numbers...Who Is Left?

    User_#SN_Location_Remarks BoostedMP3_#4_(Shippensburg, PA)_Blue 105,000 Miles-Born Feb.14,2001 julius77_#11_(Vancouver, WA)_Blue 51,000 Miles Callasports,_#51_(Raleigh, NC)_Blue, 75,500 BigB_#60_(Atlanta, GA)_Blue 56,000 miles YOUNGMP3_#62_(Quincy, IL)_Blue 70,000 miles...
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    WTB: OEM Protege Security System wiring harness and led.

    Hi All, I am looking for the wiring harness and led for my 2001 MP3, and perhaps the shock sensor. I already have the main brain unit, but would consider buying a whole kit if someone has it to sell. Thanks