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    Tow Hook License Plate Adaptor for a 2020 CX-5 Reserve

    I just got a slightly used 2020 CX-5 Reserve and I need to mount a front license plate. I am thinking about a Tow Hook mount, but wondering if it will block any of the lasers in the front? Anyone know if the Tow hook mount will interfere with any of the sensors? Thanks
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    Calibration after windshield replacment

    I just had the windshield replaced on my 2015 CX 5 with tech package. Safelite replaced the glass and after some discussion determined that I didn't need to recalibrate the sensor (laser) (and save $300)for the collision avoidance device. This device is built in or directly behind the...
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    Hood Latch

    My hood latch stopped working on my 2015 CX5. This has happened twice recently. The first time I stopped by a repair shop I use and when one tech was at the hood and another pulled the latch it opened. They cleaning and lubed the latch and adjusted the bumpers to put more pressure for the...
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    Radio Notifications

    I was getting continuous on screen notifications of messages from my phone via Bluetooth on the screen of the nav/radio system,so I turned these notifications off in the setup menu. I would then get a "notifications are turned off voice announcement everytime I started the car with the phone...
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    New CX5 Owner impressions/questions

    Just bought a 2015 GT with 16k miles. Most every option except for AWD. I have driving it for about a week now. Had a 2005 WRX before this. Living up to my expectations! Not a WRX for sure,but nice handling and decent power for a bigger (than WRX) vehicle. Nice to run on regular too. A couple of...