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    Some red 6 with 9" wide wheels...

    18x9 +35 235/40 tire. meh...
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    Local speed 6 (grey) written off, GI on parts/worth buying it back

    So a local forum member had his car written off and has the opportunity to buy it back. Im trying to help him gauge if its worth buying back, insurance wants $3500 i see easily 3k in undamaged parts with about a days work, not even counting the rims. I believe the airbags deployed, and...
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    Any Canadians Near NEXTMOD HQ?

    Does anyone live near: NextMod 290 Yorktech Drive unit 27 Markham Ontario, L6G 0A7 that could possibly help me out? I wanna order the AE replica parts (already have the front lip) but i have been told they are unsure of fitment, can anyone help me out and if its not too much trouble head over...
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    Timing Chain?

    Any information out there about recommended life of a chain? when should i get it adjusted and what not... Been looking and just have not been able to come across any information. Perhaps i have been not using the correct search terms. Any help or links will be greatly appreciated.
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    Coilovers and WINTER???!!?!?!

    who has run coilovers in winter? just asking because its stupid to have 2 cars in my opinion, its also stupid to have deprecating assets IMO but i couldn’t live without a car. So just wondering who has run coilovers in winter? What was the outcome? What was the brand? How long did you run them...
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    Personalized Plate, What should I pick?

    So im going today or tomrrow to get a plate, and im just trying to come up with an idea of what is funny. and tits are actually a bird so, i doubt that one would go over anyhow. Im leaning towards slospd6. Why would you pick the specific plates, or why wouldn't you, im just brainstorming.
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    Shifter Cabel Removal?

    Who has removed this part from their car? Im just looking for some quick tips before i go tackle it. thanks guys.
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    How do i get the downpipe out?

    how did anyone get the downpipe out of the engine bay? i just cant get it out without removing alot more parts then i want to. any help is appreciated.
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    Top 02 sensor...WTF!!!

    How can i get it out without messing up the hex head on it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?! its pissing me off! (pissed) might be living under a rock but i have no tool to get this done. thanks for the help though lol i really freaking need it. edit, found a tool. Hope to find it locally.
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    Blow-thru Maf?

    Well, seeing as i have a new intercooler on the way, i was thinking about relocating the maf to about 5-6 inches before the throttle body, since mazda seemed to already think of this and leave an extra foot of cord for the maf haha. Has anyone Ever successfully tried this? i know the...
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    Dashhawk Help

    Looking for a little help and information about the dash hawk and what parameters I and others should be watching? Currently I am running the 6 parameter display but can not figure out Knock retard... and am open to hear what others are using for a display and whats working. thanks very much.
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    Power Window Problem

    Its not the "reset each window problem", the lights on the switches themself died, and its night/dark, where should i start looking for the fuse? HALP Please! thanks. (cabpatch)
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    Not a speed but... what??? :confused: what is this sound? just curious because i do not know.
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    Prosport Gauges???

    Just a few quick questions regarding their product. 1.) Does the digital series use the same sender as the premium and performance series? 2.) My cheepie performance series gauge was reading really incorrect from what the ap was telling me? could there be a leak in my stock bpv? all the hoses...
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    Different Offsets?

    (nailbyt) Would there be any negative effects to running a +48 offset up front and a +45 in the rear? of course they will be the same rim widths, sizes, and tire series. But would there be any long term problems with this idea? would the wider track in the rear cause any problems to the rear...
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    Speed 6 top speed... just wondering.

    so i found a closed course for my car to have a mad run at a top speed test and i chickend out before the car did. and im serious, its a vehicle test track... im reading however that there is a speed limiter on the speed 6 according to the mazda maniac website... but i never hit one... anyone...
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    Boost cut?

    stock map can support up to what psi without problems? did a search, nothing really found.
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    How-To: Gauge Pod (MINIMAL to no damage method)

    I also put this togeather becasue after about an hour of searching, i said to hell with it and just started removing parts lol. I know that sounds like a bad idea but it worked for me. Difficulty = 2. If you have no faith in your pop clip pulling or screw turning abilities, stop reading now...
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    please close.
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    Bad Syncros?

    Ok well here is the backstory as to what happened. I was driving my buddy home and as i was leaving his house coming out of first i herd a clunk. I thought nothing of it as the first to second shift usually did that since i had bought the car. But on the next attempt to get into second from...