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    2007 Mazda5 muffler from Mazda3?

    That must be nice. You see I live in a town called "Fredericton" where within city limits, literally every shop is predatory and out to suck you dry. One shop told me the entire manifold/flexpipe had to be replaced, direct from Mazda to the tune of $2500 (they even warned me the manifold bolts...
  2. J

    2007 Mazda5 muffler from Mazda3?

    Does anyone know if a Mazda3 muffler can be made to fit on a Mazda5? There are literally no mufflers in Canada. I can't really wait 1.5 weeks for it to arrive from Rockauto or Ebay. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. J

    2007 Mazda5 flex pipe ?

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate it... just before I order the part, is there anything special that needs to be done to make the Mazda3 version fit on the Mazda5? I found a slightly cheaper one that is at least partly stainless steel...
  4. J

    2007 Mazda5 flex pipe ?

    Thanks I will check that out =) I found this particular one - - although some sites are saying it fits the Mazda3, other say the Mazda5 and some like this say both? Would the Mazda3...
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    2007 Mazda5 flex pipe ?

    Hey so I have a hole in my flex pipe. The shop says the part has to be ordered directly from Mazda because it comes in all one big piece including the catalytic converter? And it's also not a standard sized pipe so they can't just weld in a new piece, which sucks. They said $2500? Seems a...
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    Looking to buy my first mazda, a mazda5. Concerned about tire wear

    I got my 07 cheap also, bceause of a missing running board on the drivers side and a few small cosmetic issues. The rear wheels were also wearing super fast on the inside edge. The toe-in was really extreme, along with the camber. I didn't buy the adjustable camber arms, but I literally...
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    Bilstein B4's vs. KYB; best for daily driver?

    The previous owner of my 5 put KYB's in the rear, about 2 years before I bought it. Still in really good shape, no signs of wear yet at all. I've had the 5 for about six months.
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    Does anyone else hate ABS with every ounce of your soul?

    Car was rusting out, had 230,000km, needed too much. Plus we have 2 kids now, P5 was cramped. So I traded it in towards a 2007 Mazda5 GT. Ver nice. Besides, I'd have to take the wheel off, pb blast it,whack for a half hour, scrape an inch of crud off the sensor wire... and I don't even...
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    Keep the 5 or...?

    My stepdad has an 06 XT Forester, kept outside in heavily salted area in the winter. The car is mint as far as rust goes. Great car. Turbo/engine have 150,000km and still tight. Only thing it needed for inspection were brake rotors and tie rod ends because they live on the bumpiest road in...
  10. J

    Bucking @ 3000 rpms under acceleration

    Is your intake hose cracked? I taped mine up, no more bucking in parking lots.
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    Does anyone else hate ABS with every ounce of your soul?

    My ABS was disabled due to a bad RR sensor. Big red ABS light but my shop inspected it anyways. I swear ABS is dangerous in the wintertime.. my new '07 Mazda5 just wont' stop sometimes when ABS kicks in so i have to manually pump the brakes anyways.. ******* stupid.
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    MT drivers - what do you think of your gear ratios?

    Just like my Protege5, I'm doing about 3200rpm at 65mph. This is stupid. Both cars had enough power at 2500rpm+ to cruise at a lower rpm. 1st gear has my wife revving to 3500 rpm before going into 2nd.. I keep telling her unless you're at a dead stop you should be in 2nd gear or higher, but...
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    Which rear shocks for the Mazda5

    I bought a 2007 Mazda5 GT last month, thankfully the last owner put KYB shocks on it 2 years ago. No leaks, rides quite nice.
  14. J

    Squeaky brakes when wet

    There is actually some truth to this (done it myself)
  15. J

    Advice: Wait for 2014 Mazda5 GT or Purchase a 2013 now?

    I bought a used 2007 Mazda5 GT (black) a month ago and thankfully the previous owner put KYB shocks on it 2 years ago. They are still good. Drives real nice!
  16. J

    "Hellabroke" Protege 5 on a college Budget

    I already miss my P5 :(
  17. J

    speed-related ticking from left rear wheel

    I had this on my new (to me) 2007 Mazda5 right after I bought it... the break pad clip wasn't inserted properly (rear right wheel), sticking out too far, so it would click when the wheel turned but went away when pressing the brakes.
  18. J

    Sad to see her go...

    Holy s*** I test drove a 2008 Dodge Caliber for a day .... WHAT A PIECE OF s***. My old Protege5 with bad rear struts is better in every single way. More space inside, better interior, way better engine (protege still smooth and powerful, 2liter at 2500lbs vs 1.8 liter at 3000lbs, similar gas...
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    Rear struts + mounts replacement labor cost?

    Thats a great idea. Thanks.
  20. J

    Rear struts + mounts replacement labor cost?

    Hey fellas, if I were to supply the parts, how much would you say is a fair rate to pay to have someone put them in? I don't have the tools/time/space (apartment), although I'd love to try. I can have the struts + mounts shipped for about $180. I found a local guy on Kijiji and he's going to...