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  1. jsiewers

    Need Stiffer Rear Coils

    I’m started looking into it as soon as I read your information and saw your pictures. I like my “nerd suv” as I call it to my friends. When they see how convenient the sliding doors are for retrieving gear. They see the advantages of why I acquired it. Thank you for responding to my inquiry! Regards
  2. jsiewers

    Need Stiffer Rear Coils

  3. jsiewers

    Need Stiffer Rear Coils

    Even with Bilstein B6, Mazdaspeed 3 Sway Bar and Third row seat deletion. Still bottoming out when heading to and from a weekend in the mountains. Has anyone ever upgraded Your MZ5 with more robust coils. If so, any recommendations?
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  5. jsiewers

    audio upgrade questions

    Your post couldn't come at a better time. Didn't want to remove the OEM stereo in my 2013 MZ5 as it would cause damage to my interior dash kit. Would like to know more about the sound deadening your using. Where you acquired it, any installation advise etc.. Regards