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    2017~2022 Questions about high beams when engine turns off and auto lock cancel

    I have a couple questions... 2021 CX-5 GTR First is, can I turn off the feature where the high beams automatically turn on when I turn off the engine? (I want to keep auto high beams enabled) Second is, what cancels auto door locking? Sometimes it randomly won't auto lock the doors when I walk...
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    How Long Until Gas Goes Bad?

    My P5 has been sitting for about 5 months or more. Within that period of time it has only been driven about 5 times or so, less than a mile each time. I've heard that gas can go bad after a couple of months.. Is that true? If so, is there something I can add to the tank to prevent any damage...
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    Taking Off Passenger Side Kick Panel Plug?

    I'm having a crazy time trying to take off the plug that's holding the small passenger side kick panel, so that I can get to the ECU/PCM (not sure what's correct for P5's). Anyone know how To take it off? I'm afraid to break it, but I've also been very rough with it and it won't come off.
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    Need New Computer...Questions...

    It's looking like I'll need a new computer for my P5. Has anyone replaced theirs before? Does anyone know where I can get one online? Also, what should I expect to pay to have it installed? Any other tips/advice about getting a computer would be much appreciated.
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    Probably Selling My P5 - Your Thoughts On The Price?

    As much as I will hate to sell my P5, it looks like I won't have a choice. I can't get the OBD 2 readings to say ready. I have 3 "not readies" and have been dealing with it too long, and no one has a solution. The Health Department here in Utah, gave me a waiver last year, but I can't get...
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    Bad MAF Sensor?

    How can I tell if my MAF is really broken? Mazda told me it's broken, but I'm not getting any CEL. They said the wires will just pull out, that's how they know it's broken. Can't that just be fixed? I keep getting a bunch of "not readys" so they're unable to test my car for emissions. But I'm...
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    Best place for cheap floor mats?

    Anyone know of a good place to get some floor mats for a p5 at a good price? I would love them to say Mazda or Protege5, but my main concern is that they're custom fit for the p5. I also want them to be carpet mats. I checked, but couldn't find any with a search.
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    OBD Not Ready - Need Thoughts/Advice Please

    I took my p5 in to get the safety/emissions tests and they told me that my OBD (On Board Diagnostic) wasn't ready to be tested. The results came back as: Catalyst: not ready O2 Sensor: not ready EGR Sys: not ready The guy told me that my system just needs to reset itself so I should drive it...
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    Passenger Side Airbag Panel Replaceable?

    Does anyone happen to know if the passenger side airbag panel is replaceable? I have three screw holes in mine from the previous owner. Must have mounted something there like a moron. Thanks
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    I need a trim panel, but have questions

    I'm missing my trim panel: My question is, do I need all of the other parts in this picture or can I just get #4...
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    Overhead Compartment Solutions?

    Has anyone here added some kind of overhead compartment to their P5? Like a simple place to hold their sun glasses or anything else like that. It's nice and flat between the two sun visors, would love to throw something up there, but don't know if it's possible or how hard it will be. I tried...
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    Here's my new P5 - And a couple questions...

    Here's my new p5... Got it a couple weeks ago. Only has 43,000 miles and got it for $5300, but it's a rebuilt title from a wreck. Is the missing piece in the below image, #21 from this image...
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    Manual Mode Getting Stuck

    Hello, I finally got a Protege 5 a couple weeks ago after years of wanting one...or rather needing one... It's an automatic. I was on the freeway today and was in manual mode and it suddenly was acting as if it were in neutral. I was slightly accelerating but the car was not responding but...