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    MPG: SJC to LAX and return

    I have driven this route periodically on I-5 and am familiar. My car has 103k on it, mostly freeway. Tranny fluid flushed by the dealer at 86k. Had PS, Brake Fluid and Coolant done. I typically drove once a month but when my other car broke down recently, drove this instead. All of a sudden my...
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    Best tire for low usage - 3k/year?

    2013 Sport around 3k/year on freeway! 205/55/R16 When I bought it used, it came with 4 MasterCraft - tires made in 2016. I was making turn when the GPS started falling - I oversteered and hit the curb - the driver side front tire was instantly flat due to damage on the sidewall. In my entire...
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    Pandemic and Engine oil change?

    I changed engine oil a yr ago with Mobil Extended performance. I drive once a month just to maintain it, so I drove 300-600 miles only in the last 12 months I did not check engine oil color but will do so - I bet it looks brand new oil. Assuming engine oil color is not an issue, can I extend...
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    Spark plug change interval!

    Do u guys think that I am on the right track with this? Scotty Kilmer recommends changing Sparks to prolong the Starter. I researched and found these: <> Copper every 30k Rock Auto says: x2 for Platinum -> 60k x3 for Double Plat -> 90k x4...
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    C-19 Storage?

    I have been driving the car once a month just to ensure engine oil does not get moisture - so I drive to shops and back! Is starting the engine and idle is good enough - if so how long should it run? Incidentally, I hear more wear & tear is at idle! With the insurance renewal coming...
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    AMS oil?

    Anyone tried AMS oil for engine & tranny on this car?
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    Transmission service beyond 100k

    I searched and could not find any relevant posts. I flushed my tranny at 85k when I bought it (blackish then) - they did it twice to get the color right. I an wondering when should I do it again - also, drain & fill Vs flush? @alawat82 previously posted saying s/he likes to drain & fill every...
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    Spark plug socket size?

    What size should be the Spark plug socket? Is it difficult to access - need any special bending arms? Incidentally, when do u guys change the Sparks on Gen 2? Mine has 100k on it - 2013 model.
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    Coolant FL22

    I just did the Coolant change for the first time. Used a gallon from a mazda dealer. The reserve tank is low after using the entire 1 gal. Is there a way I can buy a smaller amount? If I ended up buying another then it will be for another 5 yrs or so - storage space is also another issue! Can...
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    O2 Sensor replacement - How many?

    Anyone replace the O2 Sensor? What mileage? How many sensors are there? I did my Acura Integra at 100k/16yrs old as a precaution to avoid trouble with California. Have not touched the M5 of 2013. Please share your experience/advice. Thanks.
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    Cargo Space?

    The review says 44 and 97 cubic feet: <> My research before buying the car - 89 cu ft with 2nd row seat down. I tried measuring it - came to about 55 cu ft - it's a bit tricky due to curves! But 89/97 is a bit high?
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    Gas Mileage of Grand Caravan Vs Mazda5!,USC30MAC211A0 283-hp, 3.6-liter V-6 (regular gas) Vs 157-hp, 2.5-liter I-4 (regular gas) Curb Weight: 4,321 lbs. Vs 3,417 lbs. I have been on road trips of nearly 1k miles in California with both a GrandCaravan...
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    Cargo carrier / Roof rack?

    I ended up in renting a minivan as I was unaware that the luggage could have fit in the M5! On the way back, I saw someone driving a Honda Element with suitcases on it - there is a cross bar that holds it from slipping as if it doesn't even need to be secured. Of course it was till tied. The...
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    CV Axle repair

    Center side of the boot is broke on both right and left This seems an expensive repair compared my Acura Integra - they just reboot it for under $100 a side. Any advice tips?
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    Which Spark Plugs and When to replace?

    Does it use: - Professional Iridium Spark Plug - Rapidfire Platinum Spark Plug - Professional Platinum Spark Plug These were AcDelco - I believe RockAuto has best prices for NGK/Bosch/Denso too. Which brand should get? Iridium or Plat or Double Plat? I bought the car with 85k - now 100k in 2...
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    What Wiper Blades - Very noisy?

    It makes terrible noises even when it's raining - Whereas the Chevy Volt wipers are so quiet and feel like a soft wipe! Is it the technology? What should I get for the Mazda5? Any tips?
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    100k Service requirements?

    Other than engine oil, what services (preventive or otherwise) should I perform? I bought it with 85k last year - been driving on freeway (hardly any local drive) - 1k at a time - now its hitting 100k. Previous owner must have taken care from the look of the car but not Tranny or PS fluid...
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    Blackbox for car - ThinkCar?

    This is a Kickstarter program and I bought one after seeing reviews about it. Here is a referral link: Link Updated above.
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    Which Rear Brake Pad?

    My rear brake pads have 3mm - dealer told me - they say resurface the rotor. I usually buy the parts at rockauto. I am puzzled that they have a large selection - Economy is not necessarily cheaper than Daily Driver! I mostly drive interstate. M5 is already known to have long breaking distance...
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    Who made the M5 Tranny?

    Any of you know if the tranny in M5 is made by Jatco Transmission? If not who makes it? Jatco Transmission is apparently the worst. Toyota uses another company, Aisin