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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Added a remote wire bypass switch today for my amp.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Today I hit 140,000. Last week I changed out my Blower Motor.
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    AC Fan Blower sometimes not working

    I replaced my blower motor last week, by far it was the easiest part I've ever replaced on a car (other than light bulbs on previous cars), 3 screws and a plug. It only cost me about 100 for the part on Rock Auto.
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    CX-5 with CX-8 grille?

    If you haven't lost interest already, it's a royal pain to swap out. You have to remove a ton of screws and clips on the bumper AND THEN two metal rivets to swap it out.
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    Repositioning Front License Plate

    I went with the tow hook option on mine, I had to add a screw to immobilize it, the mount kept coming loose while driving.
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    Post Pictures of Your Mods, Upgrades and Accessories!

    Installed my new aftermarket grill yesterday.
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    2019 CX-5 Turbo, Front and Rear Dashcam

    I ran my cables down the A Pillar, making sure to zip tie the cables to the factory loomed wiring and trim the excess to avoid any problems with the airbag. I chose the safest route to avoid the Side Curtain Airbags, which was going down to the doorsills and then to the rear. The only real pain...
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    Dashcam wiring for 2019 without auto-dimming rearview mirror?

    That's how I have mine, only mine is actually on the windshield. I specifically got one that sticks to the windshield due to vibration from my subwoofer, I'd never get a clear picture otherwise.
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    CX-5 2021 - Add-A-Circuit / Add-A-Fuse

    Can you post a picture of how you modified the add a fuse to fit snugly? I'm having the same problem.
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    High Mileage CX-5s - report in

    2017 Sport AWD 94,000 miles. Other than having to replace my battery due to not driving it for 3 weeks and negative temperatures, absolutely no issues.
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    Post Pictures of Your Mods, Upgrades and Accessories!

    Those look way easier than the ones I installed, I wish I would have found these first.
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    2017 CX-5 Sport Grille Replacement

    Has anyone replaced a grille on a 2017 CX-5? I hit a deer last June and the only major damage was cracking the grille. I've been looking around and found this one on multiple sites.
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