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    Winter is here and my CX-5 turbo is now a 2.0!

    I wonder if the 2020's have a different tune that may have fixed this problem? They do have an extra 10 ft-lbs of torque. Maybe someone in a colder area can test a 2020 with the 2.5T and report back?
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    Poll Who has a CX-5 and a Miata?

    Haha, oops. I got autocorrected from plenty to pretty. It is a pretty car! 😅
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    Ugh. Sudden issues with almost new 2019 CX-5

    What kind of led bulbs were they? Are they 7443A? Maybe the bulbs cause power quality issues and as a result the modules stopped working.
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    Poll Who has a CX-5 and a Miata?

    I think I drove a ND1 but it was pretty enough. Not enough to get me in trouble though. ND2 should be even better.
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    Poll Who has a CX-5 and a Miata?

    It's pretty fun! Never drove the manual with limited slip diff. It's like a go cart. The paddle shifters were nice. I used it quite a few times to send it on the freeway. The CX-5 is definitely inspired by the Miata. Coming out corners feel better on the CX-5 (GVC+ with the brake application)...
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    Poll Who has a CX-5 and a Miata?

    It doesn't count but I'm currently renting a ND Miata RF auto.
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    Dealer incompetence

    How did you extract the oil? Never had to do anything like that.
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    Dealer incompetence

    Where do you check it? When they say your car is ready, pop open the hood and pull the dip stick and wipe it and plunge and measure? I might have to do that because I just checked the oil level and it's over the max (3000 miles since last oil change).
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    Underbody Panel Falling off?

    No, I did not use the donut/spare tire. The tire was able to temporarily hold air until I made it to the tire shop. The area in question is the left rear side of the car. Here are some more photos - crawled around the garage floor. It looks like there's a hole in the panel but no supporting...
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    Underbody Panel Falling off?

    I feel like I am cursed with this car. I had a flat tire last week, now I have panels falling off. Could the tire shop have damaged the rivets? The flat tire repair was on the other side of the car - passenger rear side.
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    Underbody Panel Falling off?

    I was walking by my car the other day and saw that something was dangling underneath the car. See circled in red. I didn't get a chance to take a look at the other side.
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    Flat tire and No TPM light came on

    With the Orange TPMS monitor, the wheel pressures don't immediately measure. I think the sensors only report after the car moves a good 10 seconds. I wonder if it is woken up by speed.
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    Flat tire and No TPM light came on

    Wow mine didn't even notify me when moving out of the garage. I moved at least 30 to 40ft.
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    Flat tire and No TPM light came on

    Is the Mazda AIO still actively being developed? I always wonder what kind of data is actually exposed. Is the TPMS pressure data accessible? I think I looked at their GitHub page a while back and didn't see anything there.