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    2016 spark plug torque

    I am planning changing the spark plugs soon. What are they supposed to be torqued down to? Thanks!
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    2016 rear brake dragging

    I went to the store this morning taking the interstate. At the exit to the store the TPMS light came on, but I continued the .5 mile to the store parking lot. Get there, car stinks of burning brakes, right rear wheel is really hot (pinging metal sounds, feel the heat from a foot away), the rest...
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    Mirror Extenders for towing

    Does anyone have an opinion on what mirror extenders to get or not to get for a 2016 CX-9? I will be towing my pop up for a longer upcoming trip, and while I can see along it rearwards, I would not mind seeing a bit more behind me. TIA
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    Windshield made of sugar???

    I have had 2 chips and today got a crack in my windshield, 34000 miles on the car. My old Jetta had 210000 miles on it when I traded it in and never had a chip or crack. Has anyone else had excessive windshield damage with their car?
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    Window lock button illuminated?

    I do not have backlighting on the window lock button of my 2016 CX9. Is this normal or does is mine broken? Thanks for your input.
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    AU vs US towing

    I was surfing around on different countries Mazda web sites and noticed that the CX-9 has over 900 lbs more towing capacity in Australia compared to the US (2000kg=4409lbs vs 3500 lbs). Anyone know the reason for this?
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    2016+ transmission cooler

    Does anyone have any ideas or knowledge what would work?
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    Acorn in bottom vent

    I have an acorn rolling around in the foot vent under the drivers seat (dont ask how it got there, but I have a feeling my three year old knows) and would like to get it out. I have tried turning the air on full blast while accelerating fast up a steep hill and while reversing down a steep hill...
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    Trailer brake controller

    I am in the process of installing a trailer hitch and wiring, thinking about buying a popup camper trailer. I have have never had a car with hitch, let alone a trailer. What are the thoughts on brake controllers for trailers on our cars? Thanks for your help!
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    Miles to service counting up

    I only started to notice this over the last week as before I did not pay attention to the miles to service indicator. I have logged a few examples over the last few days: Odometer: 7461 Miles to service: 600 Odometer: 7502 Miles to service: 600 Odometer: 7504 Miles to service: 619...
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    DRSS in HUD

    I bought a 2016 CX-9 GT in November and I am pretty happy. A few weeks ago my wife bought a 2017 Mazda3 and I noticed something. In the CX-9 the DRSS little car symbol only comes on when I have the radar cruise control turned on. In my wife's 3 the little symbol shows up anytime there is a car...