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    Electrical issues

    I tested it in the car with a midtronics tester and then verified it on the alternator with my multimeter and then I ohmed all the major grounds not testing where it connects but scratching paint and testing what it is connected to I think I'm just going to try the Big 3 mod and see what it does
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    2003 MP5 - Need Help w/ Random Problems

    The only problem you run into with intakes from eBay is where it hooks to the throttle body they hit the brake master cylinder
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    Electrical issues

    Having some issues with the electrical systems in my 2002 P5 alternator tests fine but it keeps blowing headlamps and cooking the battery any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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    Racing Beat Muffler, OBX Header, Injen CAI, Spicy ECU, etc.... other bolt on goodies!

    Payment sent for CAI please PM me so I know you got it
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    Mp5 supercharger ?

    Yeah I can understand how that's normally the case I was looking on the ROTREX website and I know pictures can be misleading but from the way it sits in the engine compartment there should be enough room and the way it mounts to the engine is the same
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    Mp5 supercharger ?

    Hey everyone this is my first post I have a 2002 mp5 looking to do forced induction unfortunately mine is an automatic so I'm thinking that a supercharger would be the best way to go does anybody know if the ROTREX supercharger kit for the Miatas will work on an mp5 any help or info would be...