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    Looking for the post on revised control arm failure

    I have used the search function to search for the person who had posted that their revised dealer installed control arms have failed. Can someone post a link where i can find this, thanks.
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    TPMS Sensor replacement

    Good Morning, I have one question. I have to replace one tpms sensor on my 07 CX-9. If I get a Mazda one, Do I have to use a scan tool to make it work on the car. Or is it plug and play where I don't need to do anything but drive it a few miles for it to set? Any input would be greatly...
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    Anyone see this type of FL-22 Coolant Container?

    I was wondering if anyone on this forum has seen this type of container of fl-22.
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    Coolant leak

    I have a leak in the nipple that comes out of the radiator which is next to the drain plug. I squeeze the hose and nothing comes out,then i squeeze the plastic nipple same result. After a while it gets wet again with coolant. Is it the hose or the radiator. Also does anyone have a part number to...
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    2007~2015 Thermostat replacement

    Good Evening everyone. I was thinking about replacing the thermostat on my gen 1 cx-9 2007. I ran an estimate through repair pal and it listed the replacement at 708 to 731 dollars. Is the thermostat replacement that expensive? how much is the thermostat and is there anything else that needs...
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    Relay in the front of the engine compartment?

    There is a little box on the front of the engine compartment that contains 2 relays and one fuse. I would like to know if the tyco relay which the cover says is for the fan is for the radiator fans or if not what is it for?
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    Brake caliper interchangeability

    Hi all. I would like to know if i can use 2007 ford edge front calipers on my 2007 CX-9? I noticed that the part numbers from autozone are almost the same except that the cx-9 has an s after the a in the part number where as the edge only has the a. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Almost...
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    2007~2015 Car wouldn't start

    Today I go to the wholesale club 18 miles away. Car started and ran fine. I got home, an hour later when I tried to start the car I would hear one click and that is it. I first checked the battery with a multimeter and it read 12.1 volts and the green light was on the meter indicating a good...
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    Chirping noise while driving 2008 cx9

    Does anyone have any idea why I get this chirping noise. I hear it inside the car while driving. It's on and off. What is it that i need to replace. At first I thought it was the blower motor but it happens even when it's off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    2nd gen owners transfer case service

    I have noticed that quite a few of the second gen owners have reached 40k miles or more on their 9's. Have any of you service the transfer case yet ( changed fluid ) if so how did the old fluid look.
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    Popping noise when turning steering wheel while stationary

    When I am parked I hear a popping noise when I turn the steering wheel left or right. This just started happening today. I have new strut assemblies, the control arms that mazda replaced and about 2 year old tie rod ends. What can be causing this popping sound. Any help would be greatly...
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    Front struts replacement

    Hello I would like to know what parts i have to remove in order to get the front strut assembly out on my 2007 CX-9. I am pretty sure that the stabilizer has to be unbolted from the strut. Do i have to remove it and what else do i have to remove or move out of the way. Thanks in advance for the...
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    2007 drivers side power seat

    Hello I would like to know if i swap out the drivers seat on my 2007 cx-9 does it need to be programmed for the airbags that are in the seat? all replies would be greatly appreciated. I would like to go this route because it is cheaper than taking it to the upholsterer to get the rip fix on my...
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    2007 Mazda CX-9 Gear selector bulb

    Good Morning everyone Does anybody here know if I can get the light bulb for the gear selector for my mazda CX-9 at a parts store. I have it taken apart and the dealer says they have to order one which would be delivered on Wednesday. If anyone knows of the aftermarket replacement with a part...
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    Power steering fluid

    ATF M-III, M-V, or equivalent (e.g. Dexron II) . This is what my owners manual states to use. I would like to know if the M-III and the M-V mean mercon3 and mercon 5 or does it mean a different type of fluid and would anyone here recommend the Dexron II fluid. I really don't like to put GM stuff...
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    Dealer mark up on parts when servicing your vehicle with them.

    What do you guys think is a fair percentage to mark up the price on parts when you have the dealer doing the repair?
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    Passenger side airbag recall

    Good Morning all. Has anyone here have the passenger airbag recall done. If so how long did it take?
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    front brake caliper clips

    Hello, i would like to know how many and which brake caliper clips do i use on the front brakes on each side of my cx-9 ( 2007 ). I purchased power stop brake pads and got a bad with a whole bunch of clips. I really don't think that the brakes use all of those clips unless i am missing something...
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    Capacity of windshield washer fluid system.

    Hello Everyone I was trying to activate the rear washer fluid and none came out. I then tried the front and washer fluid came out of it like normal. This morning I added a little fluid to see if the back one would work and it did. I then decided to fill the reservoir with washer fluid. After...
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    Radiator question

    What is the difference between the radiators with the tow package as opposed to the radiators without the tow package. Does the heavy duty cooling one have an extra hose going into it. This is for the 2007-15 cx9. Can you use a heavy duty towing one on a 9 that doesn't have the tow package?