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    2013 CX9 - Driver's side won't blow cold A/C

    When trying to get A/C to turn on, we get ice cold air from the passenger vents and rear vents but the driver's vents blows ambient temp air. It occurs whether we are in single zone or dual zone mode. It occurs whether in floor or vent mode. Heater works fine. I'm guessing it is an actuator on...
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    Mazdaspeed6 original springs

    Pulled off a 2006 Mazda Mazdaspeed6 back in 2007 when the car had 8,000 miles on it. Been sitting in my garage ever since. $100 plus shipping.
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    Towing with the 2.5T

    Has anyone put the new 2.5T to the test with towing? I've been towing with my '13 V6 and just curious how the smaller engine handles the load.
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    What would it take to make a CX-9 stick shift?

    I love my CX-9 but every winter I go through withdrawal of not being able to drive stick shift because my RX7 and REPU don't go out in salty conditions. So I'm curious, is there a manual transmission that could bolt up to the CX9 drivetrain? Was it ever offered in other countries or anything...
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    If you owned a '13, would you upgrade to a '16?

    My dealer called and wants to get me into the new model for the same payment. I've heard this pitch before but I'm just curious what others think. I bought mine as a CPO to save money back in '14. It was a rental so it's got some scuffs here and there. The '13 infotainment has been mostly...
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    CX9 7-pin tow harness installation question

    I used the OEM harness to get brakes and turn signals. I ran two wires up to the front of the vehicle, one for +12v and another for the brake controller. I grounded to the frame (not the OEM harness). Last part is the reverse lights. Anyone know where I can easily tap into the reverse lights...
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    Up is down. Down is up.

    So Mazda displays your radio station presets as a vertical list in the 2013 CX-9 (and likely the 2014+ and CX-5 too). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. While listening to station 2, press the down arrow on your steering wheel while watching the screen. Your eye will expect station 3 to be highlighted since...
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    Any way to swap out the white lights for dash/radio and replace with red?

    It's odd that the HUD and HVAC is red while the radio buttons and dash guages are white. Red is much easier on the eyes at night. Is there a bulb replacement kit I can install or something?
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    2013 CX-9 Bose wiring?

    Can I tap into the pre-amp outputs so I can run my own amps and speakers? I'd rather not invest in a head unit if I don't have to. I have a processor that can sum channels, I'll just need to know where to find those channels. My MS6 had an amp under the seats that I removed and repurposed the...
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    Who is towing with their CX-9?

    Just curious what you are towing, how the SUV handles the load, and whether you have run into issues like uneven tire wear, overheating, etc. Also, post a photo if you have one!
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    Aftermarket audio options

    I've got a Mazdaspeed6 and I'm considering upgrading to a CX-5. I run the stock Bose head unit but have replaced the amps and speakers with high end aftermarket equipment. I use a digital processor to fine tune the audio. How difficult would it be to connect all this equipment to the CX-5...
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    2013 New England International Auto Show

    The perfect place to browse hundreds of the newest vehicles! The premier showcase of the newest model year imported and domestic vehicles. Come sit in the cars, pop the hoods, inspect the trunks, and kick the tires. NEMOC will meet in the back parking lot at 9:15-9:30am on Saturday January...
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    NEPOC Spring Cleaning Meet - May 20th

    Hi Everyone, I am opening up my garage to the first New Hampshire Spring Cleaning and Wrenching meet. Stop by to get some work done on your car or simply hang out with the NEPOC crew. WHO: Mazda enthusiasts + friends and family WHAT: Clean your ride, replace your brakes, install new parts, or...
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    1975 Mazda REPU - Build and Repair thread

    Hi Everyone, I've been on this site for quite some time. I started out with a 2003 Protege5, then it was a 2006 Mazdaspeed6 (which I still have) and now my latest project is a 1975 Mazda REPU. Updated December 2015 jump to page 3. I purchased this beauty from Gary in California and had...
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    Has anyone ever shipped a car from coast to coast?

    I'm looking for auto transport reviews and recommendations. I need a vehicle transported from CA to NH, preferably in an enclosed trailer. I filled out an online form and got some quotes, but some of the companies are pretty pushy with getting in touch with you and that has me nervous about...
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    Huyler Housewarming Party -- January 29, 2011

    Now that the boxes are unpacked, Its time to sit back and relax! Please join us for a housewarming! Saturday, January 29th at 2:00pm 15 Quentin Drive Londonderry, NH 03053 Please BYOB, snacks and dinner will be provided. Directions to our home from Massachusetts: Take Interstate I-95...
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    Knocking feel from steering on Mazdaspeed6

    When changing direction with the steering wheel I feel a distinct knocking feeling come from the wheel. I can also feel it in the brake pedal when I am at a stop and turn lock to lock and reverse. When I'm driving over rough patches of pavement I can feel it then too. Any thoughts to what...
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    NASCAR Modifieds @ Stafford August 6th

    Amanda and I have been meaning to make it out to Stafford this year. Anyone interested in joining us next Friday night? Tickets are $30 and there there are several different race classes including the modifieds. <object width="480" height="385"><param...
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    F1 Boston in February

    Who: NEPOC and friends What: F1 Boston indoor karting + dinner afterward Where: Braintree, MA When: Saturday February 27th, 3:00-6:00PM Cost: $28 per driver. Please add your name to the list. I will need hard commitments by Wednesday February 24th because everything must be paid in advance on...
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    2010 Ice Racing

    Subscribe to this thread if you are interested in going Ice Racing in 2010 at Newfound Lake in New Hampshire. The BMW club hosts the events and more information can be found here: I highly recommend pre-registering and signing...