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    How about fitting 275/45/20? On the original rim?

    I have been looking for some new tires to replace the terrible bridgestone ecopias, so as i have already written about it ive been looking for a good performace tyre . seems in my country the 255 size isnt common and its expensive and with no good options. The good options come with 275/45/20...
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    Tires! Any advice on new tires for my CX-9?

    Im about to replace my cx9 tires, not because they are gone but because these Bridgestone Ecopia tires really suck , they feel rock hard when in uneven surfaces , a few days ago i compared my cx9 with another that had the falkens as OE , and the difference was amazing, not only in performance...
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    CX-9 Gear shift frame cover / surround replacement options?

    Dear all, I have been complaining a bit about the frame that surrounds the gear selector of the CX-9 which is gorgeous for...err 2 days, then it will start scratching until the point that looks old and badly maintained giving a noticeable difference in the new looks of the other parts of the...
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    faulty barometer?.. ECU change = different behaviour

    While I was driving my almost new 2017 CX9, when it suddenly started to do all sort of strange things and all the lights started to light up, immediately I went to the distributor ( service) and they detected that the fault was the barometer which was giving abnormal figures. the barometer...
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    brakes upgrade

    hey all, if anyone has some info regarding an upgrade on rotors calipers and pads, pls let me know I'm willing to upgrade these. regards and thanks in advance M
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    why i purchased a cx9 ?? :)

    When one drives in a daily basis in a city with traffic and ppl stressed out because being late to where they have to go etc.. driving stops being a pleasure, Pleasure was something I had every time I stepped into my car , no matter where I was going.. it was always fun to drive ...that word...
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    alternative rims and tires

    first of all, to say tht my cx9 came with the bredgestone duelers and I got to say that these tires suck, at first I thought they were ok but when I drove a cx9 with the falkens ( same size ) I realized how much the bridgestones sucked, handling is so good in the cx9 that one doesn't notice...
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    Black trim around the center shifter scratchs

    hey all , I'm sure we all love the black trim around the shifter while its new, although it stays new for 2 weeks. then suddenly u realize when the sun hits that it is all scratched. is there a polish or something that might help to get rid of the swirls or scratches. ???. if not .. someone...
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    cx9 top speed ?

    I had a family trip not long ago where I was surprised that while driving through a long free way with all my family, suddenly I realized we were doing 180 km/h. so I rapidly lower my speed to 140 which is the average speed we use around here. ( 100 is the ridiculous speed limit) . feeling how...
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    CX9 at 15000 feet and beyond.

    I bought my cx9 2 months ago , it has 1500 kms on the odometer. we are a family of four and before this car we had a Hyundai santa fe 3.3 as a family car. my other car is an audi s3 ( this will become relevant in a few lines) Usually we make or 2 car journeys a year inside my country in order...
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    machine gray color is great, how to mantain it?

    Hey all, I'm wondering if there is a special wax to use or to stay away of on the the machine gray color for the cx9. usually there are some waxes or washing detergents that will spoil some metallic paints. any comments? G
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    aftermarket brakes

    I am curious about how to upgrade the brakes of my cx9, first of all I think that the ones its comes with are great, response is good , and seems panic breaks are very good for the segment. BUT, as I live in a country where we have a lot of mountain roads, one takes u from 0 sea level to 4,900...
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    CX-9 OEM Tires

    I was quite excited to receive my new cx9 . all the reviews were talking about the great response that the car had on the road, agile and with very good handling and some of the reasons for this , perhaps the least important was beasue of the great response of the tyres, these where a perfect...
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    torque steer while strong aceleration

    hi all, I have noticed that when accelerating hard from a stop or low speed there is a sensation of mild torque steer that is quite common in front wheel drive cars with loads of torque . strange is that my cx9 is an all wheel drive and this torque steer isn't present at all in cars that are...