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    Wtb p5 rear bumper

    Looking for a good rear bumper i dont care of color
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    Mazda Protege Owner Photos

    Very clean
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    Motor mount and 626 intake

    626 intake. No butterflys no egr pipe $50 + shipping Front motor mount 45 shipped Sorry posted yesterday not sure what happen
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    Deatschwerks Injectors

    Do you still have them??
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    El Prote exterior project

    Sub nice
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    boost gauge/injectors

    Selling my 850cc injectors. Brand new never used or installed. All seals are installed already. They are fiveo injectors. 120 shipped Also have a prosport boost gauge for sale. $25 shipped
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    wtf 15inch wheels from mazda 3

    wtb 15inch wheels from mazda 3 Looking for the 15inch wheels that are alloy came on mazda 3 no tires.
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    wtb OEM fog lights from 08 mazda 3

    Looking for fog lights for a 08 mazda 3. I bought the cheap kit of ebay and the fitment is horrible. Maybe someone has a set laying around that came from the factory.
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    supercharge/ tucked harness build

    Thank you sir
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    supercharge/ tucked harness build

    Used some purple power and used a power washer that heats up
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    supercharge/ tucked harness build

    Most already know i bought a used air ride kit from a good friend. Well i installed the bags and started to mock up the tank and compressors. Air ride gauges for now. Going Digital. More pics. Had quarters and fenders rolled. My good buddy speed racer did the rolling if your in...
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    supercharge/ tucked harness build

    Out with the old Bought used forged pistons from a buddy Decided i need my car sooner then that and bought a jdm fsze. Test fit supercharger Decided to paint the bay and i will show you why. Havent started yet but pics will come of the process. Picked up a 626 manifold and...
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    supercharge/ tucked harness build

    Haven't updated in awhile so here it goes. Well it starts of with bad valve seals. Car smoked like crazy on start up. Did a head job, worked for awhile then the smoke came back. So i drove it like that for awhile. Finally spun a rod bearing. So i parked in my parents garage and started to tear...
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    Protege 5 partout

    Fenders shipped 78245