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    drive belt removal

    Just wanted to add, before you loosen those pivot bolts, make sure you loosen the mounting bolts for the respective accessories (P/S, Alt). Otherwise no amount of loosening on the pivot bolts will make a difference.
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    Brake light + CEL?

    Hey guys, did a search all over the place but was unable to locate any previous threads, so... I recently got a CEL, and had someone point out to me that my drivers side brake light was not lighting up when I would press the brake pedal...I went and checked all the fuses, and everything checked...
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    FREE drawing for mp3 owners

    1. CulRidr 2. dominoy2k1 3. MP3Performance 4. martispeed #474 for those who want to know 5. flipmode815 #908 on the list 6. JoeManNorth Canadian MP3 eh. 7. Keon1542 8. SilentSno 9. Greendazer 10. makvli199 11. Bernout #742 12. 323 13. MonzdaCon 14. gtwo 15. Robertmack83 #331 16. SKY (Canada) 17...
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    gettin some work done

    thats pretty steep IMO for a weld and respray, but im not sure how much work goes into the welding and such. i could be wrong.
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    Tire Chains for 2001 Mazda MP3

    im not sure of your location, but i know that here in california, chains are mandatory in the mountains if there is a good amount of snow. if this is true for your area, you may be better off buying a set of steelies for the front (no winter tires) and getting chains to go with it.
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    Body work

    It's relatively minor...rear lip has a small fracture, rear bumper has a bigger fracture. Both need a respray, and I'd like to get the hood/front bumper/front lip resprayed while im at it.
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    Body work

    hey all... rear bumper is gonna need some repair due to a driver who wasnt paying attention...minor stuff. anyone recommend any body shops in the ontario or temecula area?
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    mp3 floormats?

    <s>i need a new set of floormats...i know mazdaformance had them before but i think they went out of business. anyone know where to get them now?</s> EDIT: found em!
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    MP3 Production Numbers...Who Is Left?

    BoostedMP3 #04 (Middletown,N.Y.) Blue 60,000 Miles-Born Feb.14,2001 julius77 #11 (Vancouver, WA) Blue 51,000 Miles Callasports, #51, (Raleigh, NC) Blue, 75,500 BigB #60 (Atlanta, GA) Blue 56,000 miles phatnlowmp3 #76 (Cheyenne, WY) Blue Wayne Jeffcoat # 79 (Lexington,SC) Blue 75,000 Miles...
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    brake rotor removal trick (mp3 only?)

    like i said, use a bolt in that hole on the rotor, it'll pop right off
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    brake rotor removal trick (mp3 only?)

    so i was in the process of removing the rotors and replacing the pads today, and found myself in a dilemma. the rotors would not come off, no matter how much i pounded on it. i read here that you can insert a bolt in the hole between the lugs and that will pop the rotor right out, but i...
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    ProtegeFest a Success

    great pics...but i think you got the best int/ext mixed up. the top one won best ext, bottom one int...just for clarification oh and where the hell were the mazda cookies! i didn't get any!
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    ProtegeFest pics!

    those were both track FC (sick!) and a Protege (also sick!)
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    ProtegeFest pics!

    Most of those pics were end-of-the-day pictures...more will be up shortly. Great pics though Dave, glad you could make it out...nice lookin 1st gen too!
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    Mini Gang :)

    hahaha the piano solo where the green mini coasts to a stop...very dramatic. it did look like those guys didnt have a whole lot of track time, but there were a shitload of cars on that track, so it could have just been that. good vid nonetheless.
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    Since it came up; The 2005 Mustang!!

    just imagine if it looked like this.
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    Stupid VW owner.

    negative, it was a guy
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    Stupid VW owner.

    Yes, hence the non-plural word, "owner", rather than "owners" which would be calling out the VW group as a whole, rather than that one, very very very stupid owner. =p
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    Stupid VW owner.