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    Dashhawk profile

    Anyone have a good dashhawk profile they want to send me? email is the same as my username
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    Stock WWP grill

    Was taken off the car w/ about 28k miles so the paint is in great shape but two tabs are broken. I added some 3M double sided tape to make up for the broken tabs. Does not come w/ Mazda logo. $40 shipped
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    TPMS sensors

    These TPMS sensors are from an RX8. I bought some RX8 rims for my MS6 and these came w/ the rims. Since I have a MS6 I don't have a TPMS system so I do not need them. I am not sure if they work or not. If there is a way to test them other than being on a car w/ TPMS I would be happy to test...
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    New lip, Should I keep it on there?

    Installed a new lip on the MS6 today. What do you think about it? I used 3M double sided tape and zip ties (didn't cut them yet in pics) to mount it in case I didn't like it, I could remove it and have no holes in the bumper. I know the car is filthy as well, going to wash it later today...
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    WTB: Passenger side Speed6 taillight.

    Looking for a stock Speed 6 passenger side taillight. Just the outside piece. Anyone have one laying around?
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    Lip, should I install it or not?

    I bought this lip to put on my Ford Probe but decided to see what it would look like on my MS6. As you can see I just propped it up with some oil containers to see what it would look like. The sides would be pulled out a little more to line up with the bumper if I actually put it on. So what...
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    MA: Rear window roof spoiler

    SOLD Selling my rear window roof spoiler for a sedan. It is in excellent condition but will need some new 3M double sided tape. You can get the tape at Autozone or home depot for like $6. Looking to get $65 shipped for it.
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    Johnny Racecar Intercooler

    I have a Johnny Racecar Intercooler for sale. The core is 30" by 6" by 2" and the end tanks make it a little bigger. Inlet and outlet are 2.5 inches. He stopped making these intercoolers a few years back but they are very good. How about $100 shipped for it...
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    For those of you with Hawk front pads....or anyone I guess

    EDIT: Just received an email saying I will be receiving a new set from Hawk. I'm very glad to hear they are going to remedy the situation. New set received today 4/20. Very pleased with Hawks customer service. I would definitely buy from them again. How did they come packaged when you...
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    window visors

    For those of you with window visors, I was wondering if they cut down on the wind noise when the windows are open. Also if you have pics and the brand name of the ones you have that would be great. I am having trouble finding pics of what they look like on a Mazda 6. Most pics are just...
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    Dimensions of boost tubes

    Does anyone know what the dimensions of these boost tubes are? Mainly just looking for an inside diameter and length of the straight one for the 06's. I have some pieces left over from a turbo install on my Probe and they look almost the same as these. Before I tear it apart I was wondering if...
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    WTB: Mazdaspeed 3 stock antenna

    Anyone get a sharkfin and not need your stock antenna anymore? I figured I would check here before I just go buy a new one.
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    WTB: Bridgestone Blizzaks and a stock Black MS6 grill

    I am looking for 2 Bridgestone Blizzaks, must be 225/45-18 LM and new/almost new. I just got an amazing deal on 2 and need 2 more to complete the set. Also looking for a stock black mica MS6 grill. Someone must have one laying around after installing an aftermarket one right?
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    WTB: White MS6

    I'm looking for a White (must be white, not interested in any other color) MS6 in the MA, RI, CT area. I'm willing to travel further if it's a really nice one for a good deal. Preferably a stock Sport model w/ under 25k miles, no leather. Anybody have one for sale or know where there is one...