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    P5 part out, unique/random stuff!!

    does the prosport come with the sender? and what color is it?
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    Kartboy Short Shifter

    pm replied ttt
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    Kartboy Short Shifter

    i take paypal. pm me if interested.
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    Kartboy Short Shifter

    hey guys, have a kartboy short shifter. used for about 10k from me. I bought it used, so IDK how many miles the previous owner put on it, but it's a shifter... don't see them wearing out. PRICE: 80 shipped
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    MSP Axles, hub, control arm, and ABS Sensor

    is that the driver side hub?
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    01 Taillights and Falken Springs

    ehhh, it's been a while. these were for sale a WHILE back. a vender had them for sale as a special. he said they were renamed springs. the spring company started with "E" and was from germany. a lot of people said they were eibachs, but gave it a little bit more of a drop than their pro kit. i...
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    01 Taillights and Falken Springs

    CONTACT: PM LOCATION: RICHMOND VA PRICE: BEST OFFER hey guys, looking to sell my falken springs that i had on the car for a while. i forgot the miles, but i wanna say 15k ... removed them to go back to factory so i can sell the car...
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    Ibook g3

    IBOOK: think it's a g3 with 800mhz processor. 256 memory. wireless. no dead pixels, good battery and charger. PRICE: 250 SHIPPED Contact: PM
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    more power adders for sale and stock stuff

    tranny grind at all?
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    FS: Springs, AWR Mount, Radiator, IBOOk

    BUMP throw me some offers guys. awr mount is sold and shipped.