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    Phantom Electric Supercharger.... not the jicky ebay stuff....

    So this is not the jicky ebay $40 "supercharger", but a turbo compressor run by an electric motor. On the Miata application it makes 5psi tapering to 3psi and adds 50ft/50hp. Cost is about 2K + tune. Because it is low boost, there is no need to intercool. Shiv Pathack is a well know tuner...
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    Anyone Install Leather seats yet?

    I was wondering if anyone had installed leather seats into their 2 yet? I would like to see some photos if anyone has....
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    2011 Mazda2 Reverse light wire under dash?

    I am trying to install a reverse camera in my mazda2. Does anyone know of an easy location in the cabin to tap in?
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    Door Panel removal l?

    Does anyone have a diy on door panel removal on the Mazda2?
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    Installed Pioneer X930BT in my Mazda2

    I just finished installing a Pioneer X930BT in my Mazda2. I used a Kanatech install kit and it was a very straight forward install. One nice thing is that Mazda has put a VSS wire in the stock stereo harness in the 2011's. I took a bunch of pics of the install if anyone is interested. Now I...
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    Ordered 15" Black Konig Feathers for my 2011 Sport

    My 15" Black Konig Feathers are on there way here from Goodwin Racing. I am excited to see what they will look like on the car. I will post pics when I get them mounted. kags
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    Ordered a stereo and wheels for my Mazda2

    Well I just bought a Mazda2 Sport here in Austin Texas for $12,499. I guess the dealers here must be getting some cash from Mazda that is not showing up on the car websites. Got the windows tinted the day after I bought it. I like the car but I want to upgrade it a bit as it will be my daily...
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    Adding a rear spoiler?

    I purchased a sport model and was wondering how difficult it would be to add the rear spoiler from the touring model? has anyone here done that? Thanks, Kags