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  1. Chocolate

    Good news about headlights!

    Mazda has been known for using good, projector headlights for years. I hope that continues.
  2. Chocolate

    I appreciate my CX-5 more after seeing the cost cutting on the CX-50

    I think the vehicle looks great, though! The styling looks like it could cost $40K and can compete with the luxury brands. Same as on the CX-5.
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  4. Chocolate

    I appreciate my CX-5 more after seeing the cost cutting on the CX-50 "Although Mazda is still keeping plenty of the specifics about the 2023 CX-50, its most rugged SUV, under wraps, Mazda engineer Dave Coleman provided plenty of information to give us a much...
  5. independent rear suspension 2.jpg

    independent rear suspension 2.jpg

  6. independent rear suspension.jpg

    independent rear suspension.jpg

  7. Chocolate

    Smokin' trade-in deal, would you do it?

    $1,800 for a clear bra? Since you said you only have a few thousand miles on your 2020 Signature, I'd keep what you have versus spend all that money for little gain. JMO.
  8. Chocolate

    GPS Location history

    No, that data is not logged. The Nav card is a SD card and stores the maps, it does not record or transmit coordinates. Entered nav addresses are saved to the vehicle's local data. However, the owners of 20+ MY CX-5s do have this data (along with acceleration, speed, braking, steering data...
  9. Chocolate

    Questions about my 2021 Signature's auto braking and climate system

    Most newer CX-5s have both a radar module in the front emblem and a camera system in the windshield. Here is a test of the system.
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    Any reason I should not leave the USB drive in the USB port permanently?

    Does Mazda allow WAV playback through the factory infotainment or require an app through Carplay/Android Auto? I use 320kbps MP3s on a low profile flash drive when I use the factory infotainment and play FLAC files through Vox (free app) on Carplay.
  11. Chocolate

    Did anyone with touch screen hack update to 74.00.230 yet?

    This is one of my biggest gripes with this vehicle. To include a touchscreen (an additional expense over a standard screen) in 500,000+ 2017-2021 CX-5s and not enable it while the vehicle is moving - ESPECIALLY in Carplay/Android Auto - is an idiotic and self sabotaging decision from Mazda. And...
  12. Chocolate

    Anyone have a Trunk Monkey?

    They truly don't make commercials like that any more. The first two are flawless. Second one would never be allowed on TV today.
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    Guide How To Disable Daytime Running Lights (instructions)

    This one: Built in resistor, plug and play. Currently out of stock, but there are a ton of similar lights on Amazon. This one has a large, heavy heat sink which I like.
  14. Chocolate

    Guide How To Disable Daytime Running Lights (instructions)

    Agreed, huge improvement for 20 bucks. I posted this a while back. They are much brighter and better at signaling to pedestrians and other vehicles.
  15. Chocolate

    Lightweight AGM or Lithium battery in Cold Weather daily driver?

    How old is the battery? Not sure if the expense is worth it. I highly doubt you'll notice a 11-14 pound difference on a 3,700+ pound (AWD, normally aspirated) vehicle. If you want to spend extra for an AGM battery, by all means, but I wouldn't replace a good factory battery to save a negligible...
  16. Chocolate

    2022 CX-5?

    A torsion beam/twist beam rear suspension is demonstrably inferior to an independent rear suspension at all times, not just at the limit (but certainly at the limit). Twist-beam rear suspension - Wikipedia You could make an argument, for...
  17. Chocolate

    2022 CX-5?

    The CX-50 sharing the same platform as CX-30/Mazda 3 very likely means the same torsion beam rear suspension those use instead of an independent rear suspension as on the CX-5 and last gen Mazda 3. Fewer parts and cheaper to build, but every bump on one side is transmitted to the other unlike an...
  18. Chocolate

    Show me your wheels

    Nice setup! Those are some of the biggest diameter tires I've seen, at 29.5". Any rubbing?
  19. Chocolate

    Brand new 2021 Mazda CX-5. Steering feels over sensitive?

    Did you test drive the car at normal speeds before buying it?
  20. Chocolate

    2022 CX-5?

    Earlier in the thread, someone posted that the HP ratings are higher in China for some reason, but the same for Gen 2 over its model years.