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  1. BenjiHoggi

    What have you done to your P5 today?

    The first photo is along the drive up to Crater lake and the second two are off highways 97 and 58 respectively. I bought a gallon of Redline MT-90 GL4 75W-90 and I'm going to try it out at some point soon. The shift into 3rd is a little stiff sometimes (my mechanic noted it during a PPI and...
  2. BenjiHoggi

    Manual transmission

    I don't want to be off-putting, but to be completely honest, I don't know that you're going to get a lot of help on here with a project like that. With these cars being as old and relatively cheap as they are, I would think that most people would just buy a factory manual. With that said, I'm...
  3. BenjiHoggi

    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Changed oil and rotated tires. It was a convenient time to do the oil, but it was also very black at only 2859 miles. Not sure what to make of that, but an oil change is cheap so whatever. I drive my car pretty hard, but most of my driving is highway miles. I'm a little perturbed to see that...
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  7. BenjiHoggi

    Love my p5 but she’s got issues

    I agree. Tires especially are probably the best place to start. I run A/S g-Force Comp 2s and they have served me well, but there are plenty of other great options. I have also heard that switching to a larger diameter wheel (17") and reducing wheel weight are good ways to improve agility...
  8. BenjiHoggi

    Love my p5 but she’s got issues

    Hey Protege5cam! Welcome to the forum! You are certainly not alone in your love of the P5. Every time I drive mine, I am reminded of all the things that caused me to specifically buy a P5, and pleasing other people was not one of them. Don't bother with what people say, all of us on here...
  9. BenjiHoggi

    Infiverse Mazda Protege5 Build

    Hey, welcome to the forum! Great to see another Silver P5 on here, it looks fantastic, especially for that mileage. From the second picture, it looks to me like your clearcoat is peeling at the tops of your doors. My silver P5 is doing the exact same thing, and it's especially obvious on the...
  10. BenjiHoggi

    Guide Permanently fix the "no A/C on fan speed 2/3" problem

    I've seen this before. Have you or has anybody else on here tried it? Doesn't it just a nicer inline version of the resistor mod people always do? I already that mod unsuccessfully and I'm wondering if this will be any better. Do you not own your P5 anymore? It looks like the adapter is...
  11. BenjiHoggi

    Alternatives to P5 that don't rust

    Okay bit of a tangent here...but when you say Altezza SportWagon, are you referring to the USDM equivalent of the Lexus IS300/IS250 SportCross? I always thought those were cool. Alas, both the SportCross wagons and manual transmission equipped sedans are somewhat rare, and I'm not sure if...
  12. BenjiHoggi

    Mazda Protege loosing oil?

    The whole rust thing is weird. It really seems to be 90% climate and 10% car. Yes, Protege's are more prone to rust than some other vehicles, because of the crappy metal. But mine for example is not rusty at all. It has lived it's entire life in Oregon, some of which was on the coast. I...
  13. BenjiHoggi

    What have you done to your P5 today?

    So no oil leaked out even while you were unscrewing the filter? Seems odd, but could be fine. When I've previously pulled off my oil filter, I've had the initial dripping of oil, but after that the filter appears to have oil still in it, but there is little or no 'loose' oil. Generally, when...
  14. BenjiHoggi

    What have you done to your P5 today?

    I ended up cleaning it with brake cleaner and a little wire wheel on the end of a dremel and then reinstalling it. The valve was not stuck and it seemed to move decently well. If I have more issues, I know I can get to it and replace it fairly easily in a couple of hours. The biggest hassle...
  15. BenjiHoggi

    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Got the EGR out. It was a bit of a puzzle, but not too bad once I figured it out. I think it took me a little over 30 minutes. The best thing about it is the fact that you don't have to do a bunch of other stuff to get to it. I removed my strut brace, the intake tube, and moved some vacuum...
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  18. BenjiHoggi

    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Thanks! To give myself some credit, I was actually looking in the shop manuals to find that page when you posted this. I am not used to finding things in the shop manuals though, and I was not having much luck.
  19. BenjiHoggi

    What have you done to your P5 today?

    As always, loads of good info from you, PCB! This is exactly what I was looking for. I do recall hearing that the EGR can cause the car to run poorly. It could totally be a placebo effect, but mine does seem to run a little rough now, and I can actually see the RPM needle moving up and down...
  20. BenjiHoggi

    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Hey, but that's not a bad place to be actually. It doesn't have to be a reliable daily right? So who cares if it breaks down for a bit or isn't super nice. Mine is a daily and it's probably in slightly better condition, but it's still old and worn, and I have no second car. I have a small...