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  1. Peloton


    My Mazda 5 GT turned 200,000 miles today, bought new in December 2008. Still running good.😉
  2. Peloton

    Bluetooth doesn't save iPhone

    Just last month, my Mazda 5 radio's bluetooth completely stopped saving my iPhone 6s+. So it's not recognized when I start the radio. The issue first started several months ago when it would only save my iPhone for a few weeks, then "forget" it. Tried disconnecting the battery to reset the...
  3. Peloton

    10 Years Old

    Forgot to post, but December 28 marked the 10 year anniversary of my Mazda 5 Grand Touring since I bought it in 2008. It now has 188,302 miles on the odometer, most of it freeway miles since I live 31 miles from the office. So far it's been great, no major mechanical problems, just maintenance...
  4. Peloton

    Side front vents, no airflow

    Hi, hoping someone will have an idea what I should check? I have a 2009 Grand Touring that has no air flow from the front side vents on the instrument panel. The two inside ones adjacent to the radio/CD player work fine. Does anyone have suggestions to what may be restricting the air flow? Thanks!
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    Auto Climate Control light bulb

    Does anyone know what type of bulb this is? Mine burnt out and I can't find the bulb type anywhere.
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    Bluetooth does not connect every time

    I have a 2009 GT with the bluetooth. Last month I rear-ended a car at low speed and suffered some minor front end damage and the driver's side airbag deployed. I have gotten the body damage repaired but now my bluetooth connection doesn't always connect to my cell phone. The little phone symbol...
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    Rock ding on hood

    While driving to work on I-5, I had a small rock (~2 cm) hit my hood and windshield on my Mazda 5. Luckily it did not crack my windshield, but it did leave about a 2 cm scratch in my hood between the windshield washer nozzles. It also dented the hood a little, enough to be noticeable. This is my...
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    Minivan of the future

    I saw this article in the local newspaper about higher mileage and emissions standards set by the Obama administration: It mentions the Mazda 5 as the "mininvan of the future."
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    Thinking of getting a 5...

    Hi, I'm new here and live in western Washington (state). I have been thinking of getting a Mazda 5. Thanks for the info these forums provide. Currently, I have a 2004 Toyota Matrix. It's been a good car except for one BIG problem, mold in the ventilation system. I've removed the blower fan and...