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    Out with the old (2008). In with the new (2019)

    Well after many faithful years we got rid of the 2008 CX9 GT. It was a faithful vehicle that really didn't give too much trouble. But with 109K on the clock, a leaking transfer case, little issues building up and seeing FOMOCO on the dipstick it was time to upgrade. We picked up a 2019...
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    Anyone have these skid/trim plates? Are they just basically bolt on for Signature models? I have a 2019.
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    Transfer case EMPTY at 61K

    WTF. There was NO oil in the transfer case and thin metal shavings on the drain plug. Anyone who has an AWD CX-9 better run to a mechanic and get yours checked out. I didn't have any leaks either. Car ran great too.
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    Can someone post a link or part# for newest navigation map CD?

    I have a 2008 CX-9 GT and was looking to update my maps. Thank You.
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    Pictures of stainless rear bumper guard tailgate

    Couple of pics.
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    Chrome lower molding

    Bought some 3/4" chrome molding and cut it to match the uppermost line on the lower molding. Mazda should have done this in the first place. It really makes a drastic difference. People can't believe it isn't stock.
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    Chrome Side View Mirrors Does anyone have these or have ever seen them installed on a CX9?
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    Parada Spec-X on sale $162

    Guys, I just bought these and the sale price is ending this Sunday I believe. You won't find them cheaper. So if you are in need of them anytime in the future, pull the trigger now...
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    Is 2010+ grille interchangeable with 07-09?

    Really like the newer one. Anyone know?
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    Very faint electronic/humming noise from console

    Does anyone know what this is? It only seems to happen when the car is cold. Sort of sounds like an electronic sound. It sounds like it is coming from the console area. It goes on and off about every 4 seconds for about 1 second.
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    What would you change about your CX-9?

    I would have to say it is a great SUV. We are really loviing it. Couple of minor gripes are: 1-trip odometer only going to 999 miles. That is really lame. At least lose the tenths when it hits the 1000 mark. 2-memory presets for the side view mirrors 3-When I turn the wheel, the radio buttons...
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    Where's my AWD emblem?

    My CX-9 doesn't have the AWD emblem. I see that some do. What gives? Was it an option? I have a 2008 GT BTW.
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    Anyone have LED rear turn/hazard bulbs?

    If so how do you like them? Do they work as a direct replacement or do you have to change the flasher or something?
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    Tell me about the Homelink rearview mirror!

    I have the regular rearview mirror and was wondering what the homelink mirror has. Compass? Autodim? Garage door opener? Thanks.