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    Going Back To Stock/Garage Clean-Up Sale - Injen CAI

    $150 shipped. The intake itself was on my car for about 40,000 miles and still looks great. The filter has about 4,000 miles on it. There are a few scratches/gouges, but if I remember correctly, you can't see them. When I took it off my car, I washed it inside and out and did a light polish to...
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    Going Back To Stock/Garage Clean-Up Sale - MP3 ECU

    Flashed MP3 ECU bought from Spicy. $150 shipped in the US.
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    Going Back To Stock/Garage Clean-Up Sale - OEM E-brake Handle

    Used, bought used to replace mine because the chrome on the knob was chipping. Good condition, $40 shipped.
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    Going Back To Stock/Garage Clean-Up Sale - 20mm RSB Bushings

    New, bought to use with a Racing Beat RSB, sold the bar before I had a chance to install. $15 shipped.
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    Going Back To Stock/Garage Clean-Up Sale - AWR Motor Mount Inserts

    1 used, 2 new. $60 shipped for all.
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    Going Back To Stock/Garage Clean-Up Sale - Used Flip-Top Cup Holders

    Bought used, never got the chance to install. $35 shipped.
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    Going Back To Stock/Garage Clean-Up Sale - Used RDX Antenna

    Bought new, reception is almost as good as stock. Matches almost perfect with the OEM base. $25 shipped. Close-up of it on the car:
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    Going Back To Stock/Garage Clean-Up Sale - Lower P5 Grill

    Bought used with plans to hack it apart and install in my DG grill, never got around to it. $30 shipped.
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    Going Back To Stock/Garage Clean-Up Sale - New Canadian EGR Valve

    Bought new, never got a chance to install. This is a revised version of the EGR valve. $80 shipped.
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    Going Back To Stock/Garage Clean-Up Sale - Used Red Nology Hot Wires

    Bought these used, never got around to installing. IIRC, they have roughly 10,000 miles on them. $100 shipped
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    Going Back To Stock/Garage Clean-Up Sale - Used Coils/Wires

    Bought these used as back-ups, in case mine s*** the bed. IIRC, they have roughly 50,000 miles on them. $50 shipped.
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    WTB: Protege HVAC Plug

    I am in need of this plug that is for the HVAC controls. I don't need the full harness, just the plug with some wires hanging off the back to splice into my harness.
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    WTB: Protege HVAC Controls

    I am in need of some HVAC controls for my P5. On my way home from work yesterday, I started to smell something melting. Turned down the air so I could smell it better and I couldn't turn the air back on. Pulled the surround back and noticed that the fan selector female plug was all sorts of...
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    Weird Heater Issue

    So about a month ago I peeled back my radio surround to test fit a tablet in the radio spot. I didn't pull it all the way off, didn't need to. About 3 weeks ago, I had turned on the heat only to have cold air blow at me. I just figured that I may have wiggled something loose when I pulled the...
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    WTB: OEM Protege5 Passenger Tail light

    As the title says, just looking for a P5 passenger side tail light, in great condition. Not 100% necessary, but I would buy if the price is right.
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    How To: Replace Broken Door Lock Actuator Gear

    Well, since I have just completed this and there wasn't a How-To already, I figured I would make one since it was a bit of a PITA. This was done on a 2003 Protege5 and was to fix the broken gear. Symptoms: Lock button does not move when the auto locks engage and a quick grinding noise when the...
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    OEM Motor Mount Filling

    I got some OEM motor mounts that need to be filled, what does everyone here use? I have read mostly either general caulk and windshield crack glass epoxy. Looking for some input. Thanks!
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    Full Length Eyelids

    Bought over a year ago, never had th ambition to paint and install. When I got them, I started prepping them for paint only to find out they needed work, which I did, and they are ready to go. Currently in black primer... a quick sand and re-prime wouldn't hurt. $50 shipped No less, more if you...
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    Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

    UPDATE: Work has officially been started, about half way done. Those who want the 8mm spacers, a little more work is involved, so these will take a little longer. Other than that, 3mm and 5mm spacers should be ready to go by the end of next week (Dec 31). Since I know some people have been...