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  1. Avoidin Deer

    Edmunds "Best SUVs for 2020" article

    Edmunds lists their best SUVs for 2020, divided into 12 categories: X-Small; Small; Small 3-Row Midsize; Midsize 3-Row Large X-Small Luxury; Small Luxury; Midsize Luxury; Midsize 3-Row Luxury; Large Luxury; Super Luxury It's amazing. Twelve SUV categories. The displacement of passenger cars...
  2. Avoidin Deer

    Here's a list of Mazda Voice Recognition Commands

    I've been complaining about the lack of a comprehensive list of Mazda Voice Recognition Commands, and it's been on the Mazda Infotainment website all this time. When I asked last year, Mazda customer service told me no such list was available...we may have mis communicated with each other...
  3. Avoidin Deer

    Infotainment Screen suddenly too dim to read upon shutdown

    Sorry for the awkward title, but it's the best I could do other than "Problem with Infotainment Screen." I have my Fuel Economy Monitor set to "Ending Screen Display" (Pg 4-109 of the 2019 manual.) This means that when the ignition is turned to OFF, the Fuel Economy Monitor appears for a few...
  4. Avoidin Deer

    Heard a rumor that Mazda is developing an inline 6 turbo

    My dealership's sales guy told me that he heard that Mazda is developing an inline 6 turbo for a new RX/sport coupe. Lexus is also supposed to be utilizing Mazda's platform for their RC and IS models in the future. So he heard...
  5. Avoidin Deer

    2020 CX-5 Named Best Premium Compact SUV by Arab Motors Middle East Magazine

    (Cross-posted from CX-5 forum. Interesting to see the positive awards Mazda gets, even in Qatar!) I came across an article just published today from Gulf Times stating that the 2020 Mazda CX-5 received the Golden Steering Award (GSA), given exclusively for SUVs and 4X4s by Qatar-based...
  6. Avoidin Deer

    2020 CX-5 Named Best Premium Compact SUV by Arab Motors Middle East Magazine

    I was looking for info on the Mazda 5 (just saw my first one in a parking lot today) and came across an article just published today from Gulf Times stating that the 2020 Mazda CX-5 received the Golden Steering Award (GSA), given exclusively for SUVs and 4X4s by Qatar-based automotive magazine...
  7. Avoidin Deer

    Poll Have you checked your transmission fluid?

    There have been discussions regarding the transmission fluid being under-filled from the factory/dealer. I thought maybe we could try to quantify this a little. This assumes that the proper process was followed: car is on level ground, proper transmission fluid temperature was verified, engine...
  8. Avoidin Deer

    Taking my car in for its first service, they will check tranny fluid but not top off if low

    I just got off the phone to schedule my first service at the dealer, and asked that they check the transmission fluid. At first the woman went down the path of "sealed unit," "changing the fluid voids the warranty..." I pulled her back and said that I just want it checked and topped off if...
  9. Avoidin Deer

    Fully Automatic Climate Control System blasts cold air from startup

    Another member commented that he liked his Automatic Climate Control system because it does not start blowing air until his car warms up. Mine has never worked that way. I've had the car for about a year now, and the fan is nearly full-blast (one or two segments below 100%) the moment I start...
  10. Avoidin Deer

    Mazda Named 2020 Best Car Brand By U.S. News & World Report

    Press Release about a Nov 2019 announcement. I just received this in an email from Mazda. Didn't find it posted elsewhere. If it's a dupe, I'll have sm1ke delete the thread. Mazda sure gets a lot of good press for a small company that's off the radar screen of most American car buyers.
  11. Avoidin Deer

    Has Mazda changed their mind and included the NAV System on the 2020 GT and Reserve?

    Another member just commented that his dealer told him that the NAV is include in the GT. When I looked at the features a few weeks ago, all trims but the Reserve and Signature showed the NAV System as being an extra-cost Accessory, even though the NAV system was only listed as standard on the...
  12. Avoidin Deer

    January 30, 2020 is Mazda's 100th Anniversary

    Here's a link to the celebration page!
  13. Avoidin Deer

    Guide How to replace license plate bulbs

    I just put LEDs in my interior fixtures/cargo hatch (can't wait for it to get dark out so I can see how they look). The kit came with LED bulbs for the license plate lights as well. Can anyone tell me how to get the covers off of the two license plate light fixtures? I found this in the...
  14. Avoidin Deer

    2005 Mazda Miata Mx5 Convertible for sale at Estate Auction

    Hey, folks! I hang out in the CX-5 forum and had an estate auction notice hit my Inbox I thought might interest some here. This is in Keysville, VA. 80 driving miles dead south of Charlottesville, and maybe 40-50 miles north of North Carolina @ Kerr Reservoir. Lot 20, partway down Page 1...
  15. Avoidin Deer

    Where is the thread on the new forum format?

    I cannot find the thread (or group) discussing the new forum format. Can someone direct me to it? (I feel so stupid asking). I want to suggest that the "Edit" window be left open indefinitely (or at least for a much longer time), like the older format was, or at least throw it out there for...
  16. Avoidin Deer

    Difference between 2020 MY and 2019 MY, all trims

    Just for grins, I compared the specs for each CX-5 trim level specs for 2019MY and 2020MY. This is from the Mazda's Build and Price website while they still have the 2019 specs listed. This only cites the 2020 changes to each trim level. It does not compare the different features between...
  17. Avoidin Deer

    Strange bumps (hives) on driver's leather seat 2019 Reserve

    I just noticed a bunch of strange hive-like bumps in the front panel of my driver's seat. There are also 3 or 4 in the middle panel. The seat has never been wet. I've never left the window down and I used the sunroof maybe once or twice (and have never left it open). Heck, I carry a...
  18. Avoidin Deer

    Mazda Swag On Sale!

    Maybe this belongs in the Lounge... Just got an email, Mazda swag is on sale for 25% off. They have shirts, jackets, key rings, caps, travel mugs, Mazda Motorsports stuff, etc. Just like everything else, the Release Date is questionable ;) Use HOLIDAY25 at checkout.
  19. Avoidin Deer

    Mazda offering 0.9% financing PLUS 90 days deferred payments

    Mazda offering 0.9% financing PLUS 90 days deferred payments EDIT: NOT 2020 CX5s I just got an email from Mazda. 0.9% financing PLUS 90 days deferred payments on 2020s. I know some folks were asking when they were gonna get on the December Deal bandwagon. Click here and enter your Zip Code...
  20. Avoidin Deer

    Received a Mazda email: CX-30 to debut in L.A. Wednesday Nov 20

    Got this email from Mazda this afternoon. Big reveal tomorrow afternoon at the L.A. Convention Center, along with other 2020 models.